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West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
Haven started this thread 3 years ago and we only have very few examples that claim they are customized enough to be an overlander. How many on here have looked over and over expecting to find some newer examples? The fact is most of the customizing takes place in the truck platform, not the camper part. A common thread seems to be ditching the factory pickup bed and replacing it with a custom flatbed and side cabinets for more long-term storage. The final thing which all these have in common is a willful cashechtomy and desire and dream to upgrade the factory style lashup to match that dream. With that in mind here are a few from my collection:
1. Bryan's.....BKA's 4WD full time home. F-550, 16.5 winch, solar power to the max, trailer with motorcycles and batteries to store the solar power. He's had no land line or stick home for 7 years. Almost all boondocking and stealth living. This is his 2 weeks of 'pay site' for the year: Sunset campground, Death Valley.

Mormon Lake, AZ:

2. Brian's 4WD Chevy 4500 with similarly large Lance. He also travels with a motorcycle. Last i heard, he was full-timing in this:

3. Ron's 416 Unimog, Fuerewagon cum '72 Alaskan on a Jeep trip in the Sierra Nevada. He goes everywhere the tricked out jeeps go. As a kid, his favorite toy was a Unimog fire truck in cast pot metal. Apparently, he never grew out of it. I don't have a pic in the 'down' position:

4. jefe's XTC.

I'm the only one who has a factory metal pickup bed. Almost all upgrades were made to the truck with constant, off-road adjustments made to the tie downs.

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Obvious things are I cut off the lower portion of the camper that hung below the rest of the camper (so I could move it up further on a flatbed), moved the waste pipe further back so as not to interfere with the flatbed. Replaced the wood base frame with a 6061 alumin frame that extends to the rear. Had to go with regular sized propane tanks to accommodate the smaller propane locker. Installed a second dual battery box (curbside slide). Added alumn diamond plate to the rear sides to replace the orig plastic skirting (and to accommodate the new shape of the rear). Replaced all outside lights with LEDs. Can't see are the 4 panels, 3000W inverter, sub panel to power all outlets and microwave and nothing else when inverting, two automatic transfer switches and hardwired surge protector. Plumbed gas to the inside (with two cutoff valves) to power a Wave 6 heater. Oh, replaced the front jacks with Happyjac's latest, bigger (higher capacity, longer and zinc plated arms) jacks (I'll do the rears later) because the whole works nearly landed on its nose. Bamboo or some sort of hardwood floor going in this Summer.



I know this is an old thread but wanted to bring it back to the top to see if anyone has built more examples? I'm particularly interested in quad cab, flatbed builds.

I think boblynch's build is the best example I've seen to getting close to a Tiger RV or Earthroamer without buying one of those brands. I think my next adventure vehicle will be along this theme (just not as extreme).
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Custom mounting system with great storage

Someone on this thread mentioned that we are looking at customized trucks but not necessarily customized campers in each of these entries. Ours falls into that same category, although we have made a few changes inside. On our blog we detailed the interior modifications, including changing the fridge and removing unnecessary items such as a microwave and range hood. We will be adding blog posts to detail the solar set-up with 4 different batteries, two separate water systems and more to come with a rear deck of some sort. This blog post explains the side storage boxes, with links to the chassis-mount frame system. Learn more about this at