Custom Steel Wheels (for Toyota)


Has anyone had custom steel wheel made for their rig?

In my case, I want an oddly sized 17x8 with 3.5" (or lower) backspace for my 1st Gen Tundra.

So far, the prices seem pretty steep. Cheapest I've found is from US Wheel ala Summit at around $110 per wheel.

Any other sources that might be down in the $60-$80 range?

Ducky's Dad

Try Stockton Wheel. My brother and I had them build wheel sets for a couple of cars a looooong time ago, but they have been in the wheel business for 124 years and they seem to have it figured out. Don't know about current prices but I had them do mine on a college kid's part time wages. I supplied the centers and they added rims with the proper width and offset for my specific situation. Wheels balanced perfectly on a car that I drove real hard.