Custom Pop up on a Taco

Some years back I did a detailed build thread of an aluminum frame pop up I was building for my family and a planned big trip. Read it here if interested.

Long story short I ran out of time due to feature creep and wanted to do the trip before the kids grew up.... so I abandoned the camper and went on the road for 9 weeks.

Years later I ended up giving away the skinned frame. The young man I gave it to finished the shell and canvas and continues to enjoy it.

My sons have this summer I spent a number of hours and built this wood framed rig with my 18 year old.... for his taco

He is roaming around Utah at this very moment...... loving it!

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wondering if you have the name of the fellow you sold the old taco frame and skin to, i was hoping to see it finished, i followed your build(you do amazing work) i live in rossland so not to far
Glad you enjoyed my build..... my big lesson was keep it simple...... only the canvas and doors were ever finished on the camper I gave away and I no longer know where he lives.


So what happened to the permanent stove in the previous build? sell it along with?

I do love how simple your sons camper is, I'm a tent guy but some of the bed campers I do lust after from time to time- its a short lusting though, they all seem to weigh a ton because we try to give them so many amenities that its likelike you never even left home- but no one makes anything simple because no one else wants it- you however did a great job

after that little tangent..... where's your son's kitchen? is it just packed up and set up at each location- rather than permanently placed in the camper?
my son cooked and ate outside on a little camp table. Like you said..... built in stuff adds weight. Coleman stove and a wash basin makes a kitchen. He is planning a permanent propane tank mount and a long hose for a single burner propane stove inside on the table. He also wants to sew an insulated liner for the tent part so it is warmer in the shoulder seasons.

He loved the big bed and the table and benches large enough for 4 inside if it was raining.

I did sell one stove/sink unit.... I kept one...... would sell if someone wants it.
Sorry didn't take any pics while building.

It is panelized..... so the whole thing was pre fabbed on a table in the shop.... 2x2 and inner wall skin of birch panelling. Then it was bolted together at the corners, insulated, and a skin of aluminum flashing was installed. We bead rolled the flashing to stiffen it a bit.... and lots of screws and glue. The screws are excessive really but it was part of my son's idea for the look. Turned out very nice. Way easier to build than stick framing it. Two pieces of 36 inch flashing were joined down the center of the roof with 3M tape. No screws in the roof.

Very light!

He loves it.....Now I want one!