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Hi all, My wife and I started toying with the idea of trading my custom trailer for a pop-up. While I love the look and function of our trailer, we are thinking that we would be better served by a pop-up camper. We have a 2.5 year old, and a second child arriving in September. Camping & hiking has always been high on our priority list, in fact we hiked Nevada falls when my wife was 6 months preggo with #1. But every time we have been camping with the little one, it has been exhausting getting him to sleep at night because he won't stay covered. I figure we've got at least five years of glamping before both kiddos will be tough enough to truly rough it backpack style. And to be honest we have yet to use the trailer in an offroad/overland fashion, though my desire is to do so.

Purchased it a few years ago and in dis-repair. Fixed a bunch of issues and added some features. It's not perfect but it is solid. So solid that a direct hit from a 12" thick oak tree branch did almost nothing. All custom welded steel, I can stand anywhere on this thing without it budging.

Here are some of the features: 10 gal fresh water with pump and sprayer handle, 5 gal fuel tank, Easy access sliding ice chest (i believe about 55qt), 35ah AGM Battery (my 60w solar panel is more than sufficient to recharge), Rear storage of about 4'x4' (just guessing, I'll measure it later), Fold down tailgate (perfect for meal prep area), Locking steel pop up lid with rails (everything locks actually), Inside storage shelf for small items and tools (above ice chest but accessed from rear), Bright Led Light Strip to illuminate interior, Easy access side lights to illuminate around trailer, Post and rod for accessories (like hanging shower bag or lantern), 10 gallon propane tank, Articulating front high clearance hitch system, 2000lb axle, Tires are LT285/70R17 (matches my 4Runner), Rims are from an FJ cruiser 6x5.5 bolt pattern (no need for a trailer spare tire), Rear hitch for bike carrier.

What I love: We load this thing like a beast! We get all our regular gear inside for permanent storage. For short weekend trips the front ice chest is sufficient. For week long trips the front ice chest becomes the easy access beer/drink fridge and a 120qt ice chest fits nicely on top strapped down. We can haul a weeks worth of wood easily as well. We did a 9 day trip with 4 adults, two sets of everything and a crap ton of fishing gear and still had plenty room to spare inside the 4Runner. The extra lights are great at night especially during dark camp setups. Been the best pack and play ever for a two year old!

What it needs: to be honest, not a lot. It's ready to go. If you wanna be anal about it than it could use some paint as there are some surface rust spots. Originally I had planned to paint it after I added a telescoping roof rack for a RTT. Overall it still looks damn good. Could also switch it to 7pin hookup, add a larger battery and put a travel fridge in the front compartment. The cage for the propane tank was added later (prior to my ownership), while solid, it was done cheaply. I was planning to cut it off and just add a 11lb tank mount. If you are wanting to do hardcore overland, than a changeover to a timbren axleless system may be worthwhile, though it has damn good clearance already.


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