Custom mounting options?


I wanted to ask if anyone has employed any "custom" mounting points to secure their truck camper to the bed of their truck?

Of the 2 typical options, Happijac and the Torklift frame mounts I feel like I'd like something more low profile than the Torklifts and stronger than Happijac bumper mount.

I realize I could combine both.

I was wondering if anyone has seen a different set up? I know Phoenix pop-up campers that are hidden.

My truck is a 2018 Ram 3500, SRW, 4wd, diesel, double cab. The camper I'm buying is Northstar Liberty, dry weight 1775.

Are there angles of attachment that I am not considering? Four wheel campers attach within the bed of the truck. Lighter goes without saying but still.

Would it be reasonable to create attachment points within the bed that run through the bed with significant reinforcement on the underside. Use turnbuckles, heavy duty ratchet straps (like HEAVY DUTY), to attach the camper to bed?

With something like E-track used in moving vans etc. you could create multiple attachment points. Say 6 attachment points spreading the load.

This would be low profile, secure and strong.


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I pondered the same question recently after picking up my truck camper last month. I have the same truck as you (actually a 2018 2500 instead) and ended up going with the Torklift brackets up front and Happyjack bumper mounts in the rear. I wanted the frame mount strength of the torklifts and the ease of installation was nice too up front. They actually tuck up very tight to my factory running boards when installed and when the camper is off and the outriggers are pulled out from the frame brackets they dont hang down any lower than the running boards.

You give up just a small amount of clearance under the center of the truck, but I decided I would be offroading to the extremes that I would need that clearance with the weight of the camper on board (its still capable but Im not taking it places I would go in my landcruiser for example).

In the rear, I have the factory swing out bumper step so I couldnt use the Torklift brackets and didnt feel like taking it off just for camper use. I thought about building something off of my receiver hitch, but decided to keep it free incase I want to tow. Ultimately settled on the Happyjack bumper brackets and they worked fine. Didnt end up twisting or bending my bumper on our first 6100 mile trip, even with some mild off road use. My plan is to replace the factory bumper with a rugged offroad bumper and weld on some tie down loops in the future instead of using the happyjack brackets.

Also, my used camper came with a set of the Torklift Stainless Fastgun tie downs. They work well, and the spring loaded feature helps ease some of the twisting and minor movements. Quite happy with them other than the fronts werent long enough to reach the frame brackets, I just added a reusable chain link in between.


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These are the best pics I could find right now that show the tie downs. You can see how low profile they end up being. I considered finding other options, but ran out of time before our first planned trip and figured why reinvent the wheel? After installing the torklifts, I was pretty satisfied that they are as non intrusive as could be while still providing a nice solid mount.


********- I don't have running boards. I have the electric steps. So on my truck the front one would be sticking WAY out there. Visually your running boards mask yours.