Custom build VW Euorvan Westfalia Weekender


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The van was fully stripped to its bones and all the bodywork and paint done. The color is a European only blue over the factory reflex Silver.

The seat bases, bunk board rails, rear bed supports and more are also painted in this blue.

This van started life as an MV. Which means it was a hardtop. The hardtop vans came with more features than the poptop vans. Most notably automatic digital dual zone climate control and a rear AC unit. This makes these vans far more comfortable and quieter to drive than a factory Westfalia poptop.

The conversion was done with all restored factory parts and done the same way it was done at the factory.

A new 3 window cotton tent was added along with heavy duty gas poptop assist struts. This van has both an "H bar" and gas struts unlike a factory van. This is done to help carry sports gear or a cargo box on the new Yakima roof rails, help lift the Goal Zero Solar panel and as a safety device to keep the top from falling like many stock vans have been known to do.

The poptop itself is coated in a color matched truck "bed liner" for long term durability against scratches from gear and tree branches.

The lower rear bumper, bumper step, rocker panels, lower front bumper, front door steps and interior grab handles are also coated in thisncustom mixed material to protect these high wear areas.

The carpet from the front seats rearward has been replaced with an industrial marine vinyl that is UV resistant, anti microbial and extremely durable. Put down with a two part epoxy intended to last theough the harshest environments the front section is in a blue to match the van and the rear under the seat in a matching metallic grey.

The rear facing seats were eliminated to make more room for front seat swivels, a seat safe, and a proper modern 12v refrigerator.

The front seats have been upgraded to modern carbon fiber seat heater elements with factory style switches.

The dash was converted to a double DIN infotainment system that is both Apple CarPlay and Android auto compatible and includes a rear view camera.

The passenger knee bolster was upgraded to a rare brand new European cubby for additional storage.

Upper bunk and table are made from reclaimed beetle kill pine. Hand sourced and crafted here in Colorado

A Yeti 400 solar generator hides behind upgraded seat access panels on a custom mount that moves with the seat. This provides Power to the interior lights and Power for the fridge along with any other need you may have. Recharged by solar on the roof.

A brand new Fiamma F45 Awning with stainless brackets was added in a matching silver with deluxe grey fabric

The van came to us with 167k miles and the previous owner states that the timing chains were updated when the new transmission was installed but does not have paperwork for the work.

We have put new lower ball joints and CV shafts on both sides to make sure there are no issues with the CaveVan lift kit and larger tires.

Also installed a new transmission cooler.

The van is currently riding on an H&R Cup kit and lift spacers with rare BBS wheels and near new Hankook Dynapro ATM tires 225/70/16 103T

The entire van has been sound deadened with Hushmat. 100% coverage. Then full insulation with 3M Thinsulate. This is the quietest and most comfortable Eurovan you will ever drive. You almost never have to run the heat or AC to keep it the right temperature and road noise is almost nonexistent. Also makes the stereo and conversation sound superb.

The rear hatch was converted to have a factory interior handle for camping safety. A feature that no Eurovan other than 1993 vans had.

Obviously we can do any additional custom work you would like. The van only has about 100miles of testing on it since the work was done.


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Yeah, I’m having phone browser issues with this site at the moment. I’ll get the pictures in there ASAP.