Current (2020) weBoost thread...


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The most recent weBoost thread I could find, was from 3 years ago.

If I understand correctly, weBoost is pretty much the only game in town.

It looks like their most poweful mobile offering is the $525 Drive Reach Fleet #470254. Their web site says it's 5G ready, and reaches up to 76% further than their Drive X product.

Is this NMO antenna one of those that needs to be mounted to metal? If we build our box out of wood, the only metal will be the aluminum roof of the truck's cab, the air intake snorkel, and the exhaust stack, all of which will be lower than the roof of our box.
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Smoothtalker is very much in the game and I’ve been very happy with their products. Not knocking WeBoost as I’m sure they have a good product, just letting you know there are options.

The Smoothtalker setup was more conducive for my setup as I did some custom installation with RG58 coax for the antenna lines and an NMO mount on the top of my roof rack. I’m actually using a WeBoost antenna with a Smoothtalker amp & phone cradle.


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I’m sure they both have their pros & cons. There’s a lot of reviews out there on YouTube by by RV owners so I would start there. Most are paid or free product in exchange for filming a review, so when they say “X is the best booster” take it with a grain of salt. I wanted the setup that used a cradle for the phone that fed to an amplifier which then fed to an antenna and Smoothtalker had the better setup for that in my opinion. For the style where you just have an interior antenna for multiple devices then both companies can do that.