Curious about the Ford F-150 FX4....

Christian P.

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Today I came across 2 blogs of couple traveling with F-150 - one all over the world and the other one in South America.

So I started looking at the FX4, just for the fun of it...

does anyone here have one? do they come with diff lock? I saw some that has it but I couldn't tell if it was every year model.

there also seem to be a larger fuel tank available - 36 gallons instead of 26

maybe something to consider...



Yes, I have a 2011. It does have a rear diff lock in 2x4 high and 2x4 lo. Mine also has the 36 gal tank.

I have corresponded once with the pnsf couple. They chose the F-150 platform partly because they are used all over the world.

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Diff lock was not available in 2006. I own a 2005 FX4 and it was not a option. Mine does have a 36 gal tank though. Love the truck. Bought it new in 05 currently have 109k miles and no major issues to date.


does all the FX4 have the 36 gallons fuel tank? this is one that we like - 2006, I dont see a switch for the diff lock though:
97(or whenever FX4 started)-08 had a limited slip rear end,09 up had an electric locking diff,more skid plates and upgraded shocks. I believe the fuel tank size depends on the bed length,longer='s bigger.


I have an F250 FX4 - not the same thing, I know but I understand that the "Rancho" schocks are not in fact Rancho - they're rebranded shocks from another maker - maybe factory? I don't know the truth of this. I think the good thing about FX4 is the skid plate package. The shocks are neither here nor there.