Cummins 2.8 Diesel swap in a Astro AWD??


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Sounds cool I can’t kill my 4.3 but the 2.8 is a pretty expensive swap so I was just going to keep it simple with a 350 . Astrosafari sight has a few diesel swaps ! Good luck !


I'd love to do that to my Astro, but as Kps396 said, I just can't kill the 4.3.

There are all kinds of swaps that go into 2WD Astro/Safaris, but the issue with swapping into an AWD is that there are no
options concerning front torsion bars. The new engine needs to be of similar weight to the 4.3, or you will need helper shocks to take the added load.
Any idea how much the 2.8 weighs?


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The 2.8 weighs just around 500lbs. Iron block 4.3 has to be around the same? I understand the 2.8 is an expensive swap but there is a $1500 discount on it right now from this site...yes this 4.3 is a 211,xxx mile runner and still going. I suppose I get the mill a total rebuild along with the trans for less than the cost of the discounted 2.8. Just love the idea of that swap.


all aluminum L33 5.3 and 4l65e swap would be easier and depending on the year of your astro(and PCM choice) may work with your stock dash cluster..


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You want to install a $6K+ engine in a $2K 200K mile van?

An updated gas engine as noted above might be a better choice. Gas is cheaper than diesel.
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Astros are amazing little vans, we love ours! Around here the 16" AWD vans bring $6k+, more if they are lifted, campered, etc.
I just had the 4L60E rebuilt on my Astro, so maybe when the 260K mile 4.3 finally gives up, I'll find a 2.8 Duramax...