Crossroads - 2017 Toyota Hilux build


damn, i wish i had a diesel lol. my aus 120l tank in my taco barly gets me 300 miles (482k) a tank lol
Ouch! I'm actually quite unhappy with the economy I'm currently getting. Its averaging 11.5-12.5L/100km when it says it should be getting 8's... I should be getting closer to 1500km a tank!

Toyota acknowledged that this discrepancy is a common occurrence, but wouldn't do anything about it. I'm hoping that a re-tune and the better DPF burn map will help this.

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Well a million and one things have occurred since my last update. Largely I've been tieing off loose ends, but some of it is real progress.

Firstly, I wasn't planning on putting on sliders. That was until my better half backed into the factory steps. It looks better now but it's a pain in the a## too get in and out, not to mention how vulnerable my sills are. Sliders on their way

We relocated from Melbourne back to Sydney recently and accordingly I had to re-register in New South Wales. I was concerned that my plates would be too bogan (redneck) but they've really grown on me.

I got the gross vehicle mass upgraded to 3465kg. Lucky as I popped 990kg (2000+lb) in the tray to build a wall at home. Handled the weight super well.

I've been working on the electrics for the camper and got the anderson and aircraft plugs installed. In reality chuffed with how they turned out. I've used really heavy guage wire - shouldn't have any issues pulling 30+ amps in the charger. I flush mounted the connectors into the headboard of the tray.

Next post I'll update the air compressor wiring and a few other tidy ups.

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Almost a year after buying the compressor the install is finished! #betterlatethannever

I started by dissecting the loom on my work bench.

I worked out that the loom was going to be approx 5m too short as the compressor is mounted in the rear tool box. I used 5 core trailer wire to extend the main loom and 8b&s for the power wires. Super thick wiring means I shouldn't have any issues with voltage drop or heated wiring.

I used a mini gas torch to heat the join and filled it with solder. Worked ok but because it was a small torch it took ages to heat and some strands got displaced. It's a solid join and will not be a point of resistance, but it's ugly.

Next up was thrashing it through the box. I used a stepper sheet metal bit to make the hole, lined it wirng a grommet and pulled the wiring through.

The wiring is all wrapped up in corrugated conduit and cable tied along the chassis to the engine bay then into the cabin. I've used a factory style plug and popped it down by the drivers knee.

I've wired it up so the car has to be running for the compressor to turn on. A little protection against draining the battery.

I've also picked up some surplus Korean War jerry cans. They're in great nick and could probably hold fuel still but I have plans on turning them into bins for the back of the camper. Is it a waist?

All of this work was finished off with some tasty local brews, like this goat