Crossing Libya in a Renault 4 - looks like it's open again!


Expedition Leader
I love this sort of story -- a father and son decide to take 6 months to circumnavigate the continent of Africa. Where most of us would spend months planning and preparing and constructing some unstoppable Land Cruiser, the Carniero family spent $980 on a 1993 Renault 4 with 168,000 miles that had been sitting in a field for a year, and hit the road. During the trip, they had to replace a couple of tires, and a bad alternator killed two batteries before the problem was solved. Otherwise, no mechanical issues. In Cameroon, where road conditions were the worst, they hired a couple of people and a jeep of some sort to follow them and help push when the Renault got stuck! Problem solved.

Carlos Almeida Carniero Senior and Junior, you are my new heros! Thanks for showing us the meaning of overland adventure in 2012.