Looking for a camping, outdoor shower, lounging shoe plus a middle of the night trip into the bush shoe. Would like something fairly comfortable to walk in....say to a campground shower house and still be able to use the shoe in the shower. A break from motorcycle boots would also be welcome (think a week in Sturgis).

I have been using some cheap thong flip flops but I'm not a fan. I"m thinking Crocs might be a nice solution? Price seems good but I had no idea there were so many choices and colors....fuschia?? Thoughts?


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I always hated the idea of crocs...
Untill the wife demanded that I stop working with our horses in my flip-flops. So we picked up some at Bass Pro Shops, they have been some of the most comfortable shoes I have owned.
I was in the same boat. Thought I was "too manly" for Crocs... Until my wife convinced me to buy a pair of the fabric lined ones. I will not buy another pair of "around the house utility" slip-ons again.


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One problem I had with Crocs and dispersed camping, longer thorns, etc came through the sole. They are fine around a campground. I haven't liked them as shower shoes, water collects on the foot section and my feet feel slimy to me.


I love my crocs. Work great me around camp and camp shwr. Yes, water collects in them in shwr but drains right out. They stay by the back door at home as my slip on to take out the trash or just a quick run to the garage. I have a pair of generic ones also that i do not care for at all. They fit like crap.


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Wouldn't be without my Crocs for camp, house, and office shoes. Very comfortable!


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Let me ask a follow up question. Like Cruiserbent said, I love mine at the house, slip on for everything, but my feet seem to sweat in them - I have the cheapest plastic version - I have tried socks, is there a material you like better?


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I swore I'd never own a pair until a buddy offered to pair for them if I didn't like them. He kept his money.

They are supposed to have an antibacterial additive in the compound but mine get stinky pretty quickly. The insides can be slippery when wet on the regular models and when the soles get worn down they are slippery as hell on wet steel decks. That said they are comfortable and easy to slip on around camp or the house.


Crocks.The shoes my wife loves.

"I got my crocks on I can't............"

I always thought women wore crocks and men wore Romeo's:sombrero:


I've always laughed at Crocs but I'm rethinking that. I work from home and usually go barefoot in the Summer. I decided to start wearing something and currently are just wearing my Keen Newport H2s, I think Crocs might be perfect. Thought I'd never say that!


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plain old rubber slippers :) my daily wear most my life :) now replaced by keen since AZ is more brutal than the islands

had some crocks they are OK but would not want to shower in them ?
for me around camp everything shoe are keen water variety as said thorns do not go through the bottoms :)

used to get Kiawe spikes all the time and now here get the same thing and cactus so I tend to wear my slippers less when camping and more just for showering


.....I think Crocs might be perfect. Thought I'd never say that!
Well I just test drove the classic model in black....looks like a perfect solution for my needs.
Seemed very comfortable and light and the fit, while loose, was good. Good point about thorns but no issue for me in my environs.
I always thought they looked weird too but whatever.
Thanks for all the guys are great!

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