Crew cab long bed (8ft) for overlanding??? Is this viable or realistic?


Get a Ram or a Ford, put some 37s on and stop thinking about itView attachment 658289
What he said, but I’d also add a Thuren Kit to the list. The overland extreme kit is by far my favorite upgrade! That’s a 37, almost fully dropped out of the wheel well, not bad for a work truck!



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Like so many other things, the answer is. It depends...

I wouldn't try running the Rubicon trail in a camper based on a long bed crew cab. Your odds of making it without major damage to your rig, and the trail are massively small.

That same rig, assuming 4x4 with some decent ground clearnace, at least 35" tires etc.... I wouldn't hesitate to do the Chivo Falls trail in the Arizona desert. There will be some snug-ish spots, but no tight turns, and breakover angles are usually pretty mild...

Mind you, back in college I ran that trail with a friend in a Baja bug, and he tipped it onto its side. Pick a bad track and not follow your spotter and....