Cream of the Cra.... inexpensive TIRES! Let's get this on the table.

If you were buying budget tires today they'd be:

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My Uncle drove a government issued Jeep in Europe
Just generic rims from any tire shop.
These are 16x6.5 with 5.25" backspace and 5on4.5 bolt pattern.

I got them thru Kal Tire.


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I have a buddy that owns a tire shop and I told him to put on what he would run for a good all around tire. Ended up the the Mastercraft Courser AXT and they have been great Got over 60k miles on my 01 2500 Suburban on a set Have them on a 05 2500 CC Utility Bed Chevy right now. They just flat work for a great all around tire. The fact that I got them for about 140 a tire doesn't hurt anything either
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