Cream of the Cra.... inexpensive TIRES! Let's get this on the table.

If you were buying budget tires today they'd be:

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Let's talk about all those other tires, the ones that don't have our favorite familiar brand names on 'em.

For the sake of consistency let's keep it focused around All-Terrains since that's likely the bulk of what goes on expedition travel type vehicles & trailers.

There are dozens of them... the poll doesn't allow infinite options.


Here's just a few :ROFLMAO:
Interstate Tracer
Milestar Patagonia
Travelstar Ecopath
Ironman All country
Westlake SL369
Accelera Omikron
Lionhart Lionclaw
Crosswind AT
Summit Trail Climber AT II
Kenda Klever AT KR28
Sailun Terramax
Corsa AT
Americus Ranger
GT Radial Adventuro AT3
Nankang Conqueror
Achilles Desert Hawk
Milestar Grantland
Westlake SL309
Thunderer Ranger
Ohtsu AT4000
Leao Lion Sport AT
Milestar Grantland
Pathfinder SAT
Duraturn Travia
Lizetti LZ-HTC
Mastercraft Courser
Multi-Mile Trail Guide
Sigma Trail Guide
Multi-Mile Wild Country
Centennial Tera-Trooper
Sumitomo Encounter
Sunfull AT782
Lexani Terrain Beast
Zenna Sport CLT
Mazzini Giantsaver AT
Starfire SF-510
Patriot A/T
Nexen Roadian
Kpatos FM523
Lexani Slayer AT
RBP Repulsor
Landsail Rangeblazer AT
Zeetex AT1000
TBC Wild Trail CTX
Groundspeed Voyager AT
Radar Renegade A/T

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My Uncle drove a government issued Jeep in Europe
This was my choice last week
Yokohame 7.50R16s on my Jeep TJR

I've run 33" BFG KM2s, KO2s for years. I get 45K miles out of them. I like skinny and nothing is skinnier than a 7.50.
The plusses

$40 less per tire
8# lighter per tire
The ribbed version is rated for 70K miles, they figure I'll get 90% of that with the traction version on a Wrangler
They ride better, smoother than any other tire I've had on my 15 year old TJ.
My TJ will be 8" narrower once I trim the flares

Only negative, they are the loudest tire I have ever had but hey I'll live with that, I just cut my tire expenses in half.

Pretty sure I'll be buying 2 more for my teardrop trailer.


Nexen Roadian ,tires installed last Nov. before winter on AWD Savana Conversion Van, great snow tire and on road tireIMG_4550.JPG


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Mastercraft is just another brand name for Cooper. The tires are extremely similar and they're not cheap or crap. I buy whichever one I can get a better deal on at the time.

I had Westlakes for awhile. They're garbage in the winter, no tread siping.

I know a few people with the Milestar Patagonia MTs with nothing but good things to say about them. Can't beat a $150 315/75R16 load range E mud terrain.

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I've only seen Mastercraft tires in the northeast or on vehicles from that region.

What price range constitutes a "budget" tire? Usually, I can find the brand names for the same price with a bit of shopping around.

My truck had "Hercules All-Trac A/T" when I got it.


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I've only seen Mastercraft tires in the northeast or on vehicles from that region.

What price range constitutes a "budget" tire? Usually, I can find the brand names for the same price with a bit of shopping around.

My truck had "Hercules All-Trac A/T" when I got it.
Cooper also owns Mickey Thompson and Dick Cepek tires. Those seem more popular out your ways. Not sure if there is a regional compound change between brands.


My brother ran MasterCraft CXT in 255/85. In Russell KS he got them for $158 a tire. I got quoted $238 in Colorado Springs.


The Mastercraft CXT is a solid tire.

Around here on full size trucks its a tossup between:

Toyo AT2 (Les Schwab)
Backcountry AT (Les Schwab, made by Dean)
and the Mastercaft CXT (Bruneal/ Point-S Tire, made by Cooper)

All are solid tires, and very comparable.
None are budget.


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Falken at3w's are good tires and at least thru are cheap. I like Toyos and Cooper ST Maxx's but I run two sets of tires and wheels (set of offroad destinations and a set just for road tripping) and am running the falkens in 255/80-17 and really like them. They were running a deal on them and it was like $740 for 5 after all the rebates and instant rebates.

Recommended books for Overlanding

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Shakes head in wonder;
Tires have basically 2 purposes to provide traction and to hold the rims off the ground...
You can compromise and go cheap but don't expect them to do either of their 2 jobs particularly well, IMO.

That said, I have a new set of Westlake tires in the shed (they came on a new, to me, old Jeep, I would never spend money on such junk)...until someone needs garbage tires or I trade the next vehicle.. They are round, black and hold air (so far); that's the best that I can say for them.
Getting the vehicle home; they tended to slide on clean pavement with moderate (careful) braking.... verging on Dangerous IMO.

The last set (and the next set) of tires that I bought/will buy will be BFG mud tires. Not the best, but adequate for light duty, moderate traction, on or off road driving.