There's still a lot of tread depth there, I would say this would be a warranty claim.

The customer I received was great so far. VERY apologetic, and said they would make this right for me ASAP. Asked if there was any damage to my truck, I said no, they told me to double check and if there was any damage they would pay for it. I sent them pics yesterday night... I will keep you guys updated on there responds. So far so good, with the exception of my truck being down... again. :(

I had driven around 500 miles, most city. Went hiking, drove around about 30 minutes at 70 on flat highway. Then I drove around 7 miles in and out of the desert on a gravel/sand road; around half way into the drive back home I saw a chunk in the rear view flying through the air, pulled over to see the fail pictured above.
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I hope they resolve it. Glad no one was hurt, but that picture right there is why I'd never put retreads on my truck.


They sent out a replacement this morning and are probably going to send me two extra new tires to put my mind at ease. Waiting on conformation form the rep's manager... and yes I was going 70mph down the expressway when this happened. From what I read these tires have less then 3% failure rate, I read TONS of reviews and never saw anything like this. Seems rare, I know too many people that have had good experiences to wright them off just yet. (no pun intended) I will keep you posted.

Look at this one. same as mine but worst.. and this is on a KM2/ not a retread.

BFG fail


That suck but glad your ok and no damage to your truck! As for treadwright they are a great company and as u stated the failure rate is very low. i have seen a few tires come apart in my life and they were not retreads, it can happen to any tire any brand. I love TW and have them on 4 of my vehicles (2 taco's= 285 & 265, t100= 37, 05 ram CTD= 285) they all have been great with no issues, The 37 get down right abused and they are holding up great. let us know what they tell you about the tire.



Glad to hear their customer service practices are top notch.

I've had BFG's get the big bubble with 20k miles and they didn't want to cover the tire under warranty, I've had Goodyears feather out and wear funny with less than 20k because of internal steel belts coming apart and they didn't want to cover the damage. I have a set of Treadwrights too, but they won't see many miles...just glad to hear they are taking care of you.


So that's like one out of 35 tires-ish. Its worth stating that failure include tires that are returned for balancing issues.