Cranks but won't start

I'm really hoping it is not the PCM. I have the tank down now. Sadly, no one in town has a new pump. I ordered up the Bosch unit. I'll have it in on Wednesday. Once in, I will report back.
When my PCM went out it was 19 years old and had been through numerous deep water crossings, hell it even looked rough.

Sounds like It's your pump and that your on the right track. GOOD LUCK regardless!

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Update: 04-JAN-2018

It was indeed the fuel pump. When I took off the fuel line there were only a few drops of gas. Upon installation of the new pump, putting the ignition in start produced the normal pressurization sound. Engine started immediately and ran great on my morning commute.

Here is the pump I used as a replacement.
Glad it worked out for you.

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