Cowboy 4X4 van build up


After it's first major excursion since I started building the inside I have come to the conclusion that normal cabinet bottoms are not up to the task of 300 miles of rough travel. The paper plates actually started waring the finish off the bottom of the drawers. I dont think normal everyday shelf liner would last to long either so I glued a real thin carpet to the bottom of all the shelves and drawers. I also dont like the clanging of items while driving either so this should take care of both problems.


I made the fold out table for the side door today, the table part is a bamboo cutting board from Walmart. It had a handle on both ends so I just removed one, the other one act's as a lifting handle and will also hold a dish towel when in use. I mounted it high enough so that when the door is closed it can still be opened from inside and used as well.



Nice details! Your zipping right along. How's the suspension working out over your last trip? Did the Agile components lift the van, or was it just sagging originally? And, I need to drop my sway bar mounts too.

Velcro zip ties just stick to seat back... Check! I'm shamelessly copying that!

Swapping to rear disc will require master cylinder for that set-up. Drum master holds residue amount of pressure, disc master uses higher fluid volume.

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During the summer we take the kayaks out alot, when I had the FJ it was no problem getting them on the roof, the van however....... a bit taller. So I integrated some heavy duty rubber rollers from a conveyor system to the back of the roof rack. There is a 1/2 steel rod running through the rollers and into the rack. The kayaks just glide right up there now.

I also added another fold out bamboo table to the inside at the back of the cabinets in front of the sofa. It can double as extra counter space or a table for a passenger to use during transit.



Did the Ramsey kit have any ill effects you have noticed. Am I correct that it lifts it up about 1.5 inches??

Btw what ever became of your mini-mod???


Abitibi... The hinges are the same type... stainless steel, they are from a commercial kitchen buffet table.

cjken.... No ill effects from the Agile offroad set up, quite the opposite actually ... the van is a pleasure to drive now... I also got the Fox front steering stabilizer for it I just haven't installed it yet. It raised up the front about an 1 1/2 max. I wanted to keep my same ride stance so I put a 1" taller block in the rear of mine to compensate for the front going up...... You can't go wrong with Ramsey's set up.


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Wow, nice job. I have a VW Westy now, but as she ages (already 33 y.o.), I am looking for a replacement. Lots of good ideas here, and nice fabrication work - looks factory!


Good looking van - Sorry about your HOA
I would never live under the tyranny of an HOA. Most are run by a bunch of people that want to control other people. Wait until the green people take over the HOA. I actually do not live in a city, I prefer to live in the unincorporated county area.


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My van was/is a bit skimpy on inside amenities..... one that the wife really missed from the previous van was the grab handle on the passenger side. This turned out to be one of the most simple jobs. The A pillar's are shaped the same the only difference is there are no threaded inserts to bolt the handle bracket to, easy fix though. All a person needs to do this is the grab handle, the pillar bracket and the plastic pillar cover. I suppose one could get away without the cover and just make your own holes in it but I didnt want to mess around with trying to get the alignment right as you cannot see where to cut them once it's on. Anyway since the bolt inserts are not there all I used was three self tapping screws (good size ones) and screwed the bracket in place, snapped on the cover and bolted up the job time 15 minutes... well worth it.

Hi, my name is Martín and i writing from Argentina. I have a 01' E350 and i want to upgrade with OEM grab handles. Do you have OEM part number for bracket, trim and handle?
Here E series do not exist so Ford Dealers don't have manual or parts.

Thanks and sorry for my english, heheh

PS: here is my truck