Counts as clothing, right? Pup Collars


So we recently added this little dude to the pack.
11 weeks old now and growing like a weed.

Wont be too far off he will be due for his first real collar.
My old hound runs an older Carhartt collar that doesn't seem to be made anymore...

So, what are your pups wearing?



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Beagles are experts at slipping collars, so I use Martingale collars. Loose when worn and only tighten when they pull on their tether:

Cute dog.


Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I picked up a cheapo leather color for him that suits him, but he does need a training color, so I think Ill take a closer look at the martingale collars.

He's often mister-three-collars currently. Cheapo leather ID collar, remote trainer, and a simple rope training collar for leash training.
Going to a martingale would simplify things.

And yes, he is Plott. 3/4 Plott, 1/4 Walker All Hound!
We currently have three pups. And the elder pup, is my Plott/Lab mix Duke.
He is 12 years old. So by the time he passes, this new pup will be well on his way to fill the void.

Love these dogs! Plotts are stubborn intelligent dogs. But trained and raised properly they are among the best!

The little guy Cole is now nearly 4 months old, and 32lbs.
He is quite the looker!



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Great collars, durable and I can see them at a distance.


The best dog collar I've found so far is the American made Modern Icon 1.5" Summit Collar with built in attachment points for a FI Pet Tracker and the Fidlock magnet buckle.



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I have a Fi GPS collar on my dog and it works great. You can set a perimeter around the charging station and get text alerts if your dog gets out. I have a Husky with a lot of energy and high risk for theft. Hopefully a dog thief wouldn't realize what it was before being caught.20210918_121545.jpg