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I posted this in the Edgestar thread but I thought I'd start a separate thread since Costway now seems to be one of the least expensive fridges out there. It appears to be a generically branded Smittybilt fridge since the Smittybilt transit bag fits it perfectly.

Bought a Costway for the truck (Have a Unique Off Grid 60L in the boat which I am very happy with) Been test running it in the house. It appears to cycle predictably every 20 minutes with a 4 degree temperature drop over that 20 minutes. Seems that it happens regardless of ambient temperature which has varied 10-15 degrees while testing. It also followed that same cycling pattern with or without the transit bag which I assumed would provide more insulation. (Smittybilt bag is a perfect fit) It drops 1 degree from the set temperature at 15 minutes and 2 more degrees in the last five minutes and then kicks on. Has anyone monitored the cycle frequency on their Costway? I've got a strange impression that it is cycling on a timer program and not a temperature sensor. Am I nuts or has anyone else noticed this. Our Unique 60l does not cycle so predictably. It doesn't seem normal to me that it would drop only 1 degree in 15 minutes and then 2 more degrees in five minutes. That process seems programmed to me. I have not however, timed the length of the cycles that it runs. Perhaps it is programmed to come on every 20 minutes but also programmed to shut off at the temperature you set which would make the length of time to cool it vary.

Edit: I just timed a cycle at 3:35
Edit: Ran a draw test over a 24 hr period set at 36 degrees with transit bag on. .875 amps per hour at about 78 degrees ambient.


I haven't payed any attention to cycle times but have had this Costway fridge for a few months. Bought it to drive the CDT from Calgary to Denver and it worked great. I've been very happy with it especially at about half the price of the higher end options. I also run the Smittybilt insulated bag on it.

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Can’t contribute to the energy use but I just noticed on amazom there is a cost way branded fridge that appears to be of the same exterior design as an edgestar. The completely rectangular shape that at least appears to be metal as opposed to the one being discussed.

Just thought I’d throw it into the mix.


Been considering the ARB but since realistically I’ll probably spend less than 20 days per year using a fridge I might just go this way and save over half price. Seems like it has great reviews.

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If this Costway was installed in an off road type trailer how do you think it would hold up to the ride... like washboard roads? I agree I may go for the less cost because of less use if it would holdup when used :)


Does the rear handle can be removed?I was looking for this one and not sure of the space but if the handle can be removed it will be ok.Did you found out your cycle timer problem??


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Were you guys aware this unit does not have "zones"? You either freeze or cold only not both at the same time.

Here is the review I found on their website.

Accurately holds the temperature I set.

I tested with a thermometer and set a variety of temperatures... this portable refrigerator did an excellent job of reaching and holding every temperature I set. I wish it had "zones" for freezer and refrigerator. You must choose; do you want a refrigerator OR do you want a freezer. It will do either quite well... but, not both. It does have a small area for "dairy"... which does not get as cold as the rest of the unit. For the money, I'm very pleased.


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Looks virtually identical to my Indel-B/Truckfridge. I'm assuming these are probably all made in the same Chinese factory?

In any case, it's nice to see competition driving the prices down somewhat. FWIW my Indel-B/truckfridge TF-41 is still going strong even after 4 years of pretty hard use (hard enough to break the hinge!)


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I find it hard to invest in brands that have little or no back up network, That said if a fridge has the Danfos/Secop Compressor or the Snomater Compressor it is going to be pretty good and of coarse Engels Swing motor, If you buy a fridge with either of these 3 Compressors then you have a quality product,

There are so many no name brands now out there but It is the Compressor that is the important part so buy one with either of these 3 Compressors installed and that is 90% of the battle Won, I have been running the ARB 47L/50QT for 3 years and I am mega impressed So I just took delivery this week of the ARB 78L/82QT Fridge Freezer, giving me all the Space and Options I need, And the Dial and shut off temps are within 0 and 0.1*c of each other and within 0*c and 0.1*c of their true temps without any Adjustment needed.

I hope that helps,

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The compressor is a non issue.

When the fridge breaks down, it will likely be an electronics board or system control, I've never heard of the compressor being the part that breaks.

Very often it's not worth getting fixed unless you enjoy DIY, so for most the best strategy is buy one likely to last as long as possible,

so when it does break you feel OK about just buying a replacement.


Anyone know if there is a thermal cover for the costway 44 quart(smaller one) who will fit the costway perfectly?

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