Costco has a RTT

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Seems narrow but pretty neat Costco carries it. I'd buy one to try out if any of the Canadian chains pick them up.


That's a new one! I was on the site two days ago looking at camping/outdoor gear and didn't see that RTT listed...


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Oh well good gawd, I had already made a decision on which tent I was going to buy, now I have to consider this one. 154 lbs according to the Amazon listing and at 2300.00 on Amazon this is a deal.


Ah... It's listed under automotive exterior accessories, not camping tents and shelters!

Seems to be online only rnArmy -- no indication it's in any of the warehouses.


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Not bad... as mentioned above, probably a good investment for the occasional camper or first timer. At that price, I see them selling lots.


It should be an easy DIY. Just a piece of cloth with tent pegs and clamps. Good idea though for those who have ladders outside the annex.