Costco Deal - ExOfficio Boxer Briefs

Costco (at least in San Dimas, Ca.) has 3-packs of ExOfficio Boxer Briefs for $24. Still high for underwear, but 1/3 the regular price.


Laugh it up...but I work outdoors and walk about 11 miles a day and ExOfficio is all I wear. Good socks and good panties are worth their weight in gold.


Robinson Fuso
Sweet, I will have to check that out. Wonder if it is a regional thing or will make it all the way to the east coast.


I love the Exos for when I travel and don't have access to normal washing facilities. They are perfect for washing in a sink or bucket of water and they are quick drying. In fact all I need is two pair, one is washing/drying the other I'm wearing.


New member

Been wondering about these ever since I heard Tim Ferriss pimp them on a podcast. Need to grab a 3-pack.

R Stowe

People laugh at the price, even the regular one, but I have got a lot of miles out of them. I'll have to see if the local Cost Co has these.