Costco deal again -- 128 GB IPad -- $349


So went to costco this morning-- as always I check the pricing on the current iPad offerings

This morning and until Sept 2 the standard, 128gb wifi only iPad was on sale -- $40 off -- making the price $349 plus tax

I use Gaia and 128 GB is a lot of map storage - I've been using an iPad 2 16 GB with a Bad Elf Gps

needless to say, I bought the new 128GB iPad -- gonna be a huge upgrade

Just in case you're looking...


Damn just missed the deal ! Do you need an iPad version that comes with wifi and cellular option to use HEMA , GaIA apps when on the trail or on and offload?
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The standard iPad does not have a gps antenna in it — to get that you need the cellular version if you only want to use an ipad

I use the standard version with a bad elf gps locator — the bad elf uses Bluetooth to connect to the ipad

No need for a cellular capable iPad — from what I understand there are a few different gps pucks the will connect thru bluetooth

The upside is the iPad can be anywhere in the vehicle, no need for it to see the sky — just the gps puck needs or should have a sky view


About 6 months ago, Costco was running a sweet deal on the latest 9.7" Ipad Pro 128gb with cellular (no contract needed) for $399. I've done the whole wifi tablet plus GPS antenna in the past, and I didn't particularly care for the hassle - one more item to keep track of, charge/hook up to power, etc. The Ipad running GAIA has been amazing, and it definitely doesn't need a direct unobstructed view of the sky to work. I use a Ram mount attached to a seat wedge that just slips between the middle console and passenger seat and "installs" in seconds. Here it is how I use it, and I'm very happy I went with a cell tablet: