Costa Rica - Nomad America 4x4 rental


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Hi All! My wife and I just booked a vehicle from Nomad America and could not be more excited about the trip! We visited Costa Rica back in November and heard Nomad America then, I immediately knew I wanted to travel the country this way and fortunately my wife fell in love with Costa Rica so convincing her to come back was an easy job.

When we went to book a vehicle for our trip in February there was nothing left for more than 4 days which was a little disappointing but after a brief conversation with Luis from Nomad America he told us they had a few Kia 4x4s w/campers on the back (pic below) that were not listed on their site. It is going to be a unique experience for us for sure as we are used to our 4runner and rooftop tent.

If anyone has any recommendations on camping sites based on experience or points of interest that are can't miss please let us know! We have 6 days we will be exploring and are looking to stay near La Fortuna and then towards the beach due west of there.