Cooper ST/Maxx or tried and true BFG All Terrains


I am about to drop some coin on tires tomorrow. I have been going back and forth between the BFG All Terrains and the Cooper ST/Maxx since I bought the LX.
Whichever flavor, it will be a 285/75r16. I put many miles on BFGs on other vehicles and loved them for their quiet, smooth ride, and long tread life. I disliked them in mud and wet North Carolina clay.
I have never run the Cooper ST/Maxx but have read a lot of good reviews. I have however been unable to find a review from anyone that has completely worn a set out and can give the milelage they go out of them. They are also 5lbs heavier per tire in this size. 20 pounds of unsprung weight is pretty significant. Since the LX is a pig on gas anyway I am still leaning towards the Coopers.
Please let me know what you think.


The Cooper ST MAXX is one heck of a tire, but only available as an E range in that size

The BFG AT is available as either a D or E

Which range do you require, and why?


I've got 40,000 miles on mine and should get another 10-15,000 out of them.....and I very much prefer them over the BFG AT's that I ran years ago....


I've got 40,000 miles on mine and should get another 10-15,000 out of them.....and I very much prefer them over the BFG AT's that I ran years ago....
Sold. That is the news I wanted to hear. I am happy with 50-55000. Is this on a 4 or 5 tire rotation? If you are not rotating in your spare that is even better.
I will be buying 5 new tires and rotating in the spare tire which in theory gives you about 25% more wear mileage over the life of the tires.
I had read your initial reviews on the tires before but I never saw your long term mileage. Are you still as happy at 40000 miles as you were when they were new?


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Also check out Kelly TSR. Made by Goodyear. I compared TSR versus ST/Maxx. The Cooper was way heavier and stiffer. Both load range E. The Cooper ST may be a good choice too. I got mine at Randall Tire


I had the Cooper ST-Maxx on my Land Cruiser. They were very quiet and smooth for how aggressive the treads were. Worked great off road and I really liked them on the road. I did however get a lot of chunking, but I am now seeing some chunking my Toyo MT tires too.


35,000 Kim's not miles and still over 75% left . New I believe is 11-32nds. I have 8-32nds on the outside edges, I rotate every oil change and align every 10 k.

Was a huge BFG fan for last 25 years, the Maxx's are a touch noisier than All Terrain TA's but have better traction on rock, mud, and loose soil. I'm pretty impressed and when I use them up I will definitely buy another set.


My brother has ST Maxx and it's tread design is more aggressive than my Terra Grapplers.
I had Terra Grapplers on my last Jeep and loved them on the pavement. Never got them offroad except some beach driving. The did great in the sand. I wanted to try something new this time. Definitely more aggressive than the TerraGrapplers. They were sitting on my doorstep when I got home today. White letters facing in or out?



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Had them mounted today. Too dark for a good picture but here they are on the Lexus.
So, what are your impressions of this tire? I need to buy some tires within the next few days. I may need some MT's with all of the rain and slop we have been having, but would rather haver the AT road manors. So, how are the road manors? I am coming form a D rated Terra Grappler.