Cooling Conundrum 🤷‍♂️


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Good day folks,
With almost 3k miles on my 3.5L top end service I'm having cooling issues...🤦‍♂️.
Everything is new,
Radiator and cap;
Water pump;
block flushed
new coolant, etc,
except for the Fan Clutch and hoses.
The clutch was disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with fresh silicone oil.

The temp gauge is all over the place,
the engine is at temp literally minutes after starting. I have no leaks, pudding, coolant in the oil, burning smell,
In town today, the system had no pressure, recovery tank was almost full and both hoses were sucked flat, like a vacuum.

My hypnosis has several points,
a) the fan clutch is not working right 🤷‍♂️/ failure
b) radiator cap failure
c) thermostat failure
d) water pump failure??
Like I said,
everything is new,
not remanufactured other than the clutch.
Shoot me some ideas on a remedy please 🙏.
Thanks, G.

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Oh! Make sure you click the face of the speedo back in. Otherwise, it will not right. The video video shows that. I "decided" not to do that, and then had to disassembly it again and gp back and do it. Worked fine afterwards!


Dreaming Ape
Well if your overflow tank is almost full and your coolant hoses are flat then you definitely have a failed or incorrectly fitted radiator cap or a clogged overflow hose.

I don't know about all the other stuff but I know for sure about that.

Michael Brown

You followed me, so now we're both lost
Check the radiator cap and hose going to the overflow tank. Clear it out if you cannot blow air through it. The system builds pressure while running, pushing fluid into the tank, and then pulls vacuum after it cools. If the hoses are flat, then it isn't able to pull from the overflow tank.

I'd recommend replacing the radiator cap and spraying out the hose from it to the overflow tank.


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A cheap IR thermometer is helpful in these situations, you can shoot various locations along the cooling circuit and see temps that are pretty close to actual temps, depending on location. It will let you see any hot spots or cold spots. If you don’t trust your vehicle thermometer, wrap the probe from a meat thermometer on the cooling hose with aluminum foil and duct tape, this will get you a pretty good temp reading from the outside.

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