Cooler Showdown


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The very first Coleman extremes were pretty impressive, not from the tough stand point but from the ice holding. About the size of a 48 quart chest but due to the insulation thickness it held 35 quarts. Rubber gasket on the lid and no drain plug. Pretty close to a Yeti in ice holding. They have cheapened them considerably.

I have the exact same Coleman and love it, but over the years the top has warped slightly and it does not seal as well as it once did. Still holds ice days longer than a new "extreme". Someone needs to bring back this style of cooler, most people don't need a rotomolded $300 unit.

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Agreed, I have several different versions of the Extreme cooler line and even in the last 5 years they have become "cheaper". The one we use most often is a 56 quart Extreme Marine Ultimate we bought in 2011, it will easily last us 4 days in the mountains or 3 days in Moab, I have backed into/over it with the bumper on the Montero and no damage other than some black tire marks. I was looking at the newer version of the same cooler at Cabela's last week and noticed they are not as thick or sturdy as the previous version. You can still find the all white previous version on ebay and are the best cooler for the money.


On the Coleman Xtremes, there are now Xtreme 5 and Xtreme 6 versions. The insulation in the 6s are very thick, like the old Xtreme pictured above. As an example the Xtreme 5 100 qt is the EXACT same outer shell and lid as the Xtreme 6 82 qt.