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This isn't a Mahindra, it's a vehicle that's much more common in India than the Mahindra Thar - it's a Maruti Gypsy. Maruti is the name for Suzukis manufactured in India (Maruti BTW is an alternate name for the Hindu monkey-god Hanuman-ji.). Gypsies are mostly long wheelbase and a very popular factory option is the high-roof fiberglass hardtop with rear troop-style seating.

I was wondering what would it look like if a hardtop like that and troop seating was available for the Wrangler...



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Just like most auto makers, Mahindra does concept cars for shows. In 2018 Mahindra showcased the Thar Wanderlust...

More in the Wanderlust:

But unlike most auto makers, the Mahindra Customization Shop will build you one, or you can build one yourself. The Wanderlust Customization Kit sells for 13.8 lahk rupees (about $18,500). This one was built for the Royal Family of Udaipur (I've posted photos of some MB/GPW Jeeps in the Maharaja's collection earlier in the thread).

I'm in love with the hatchback side windows.


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Customization is done differently in India than it is here - there are many small shops that will do far more than just bolt on parts from a catalog. You can get pretty much any custom mod that you can think done up in places like Mandi Dabwali, where there's a vehicle customization "market" made up of many small shops like this:

I wrote earlier that there's a similar area on the outskirts of town with many small shops that do custom truck bodies for Mahindra PikUps. Speciality fab shops like these exist all around the country and often when one is established, more will spring up in the same area doing similar work. This is true in India for many products, for example where teak and other woods are present, a "market" of furniture building "factories" is likely to exist. The word factory is also used a bit more loosely in India, a factory could be a small garage or even a single room in the case of fabric products.

Also in India there are a number of replacement body part manufacturers. You can get everything from a single replacement panel to a complete Savari body. For example:

Building a pickup? How about a complete bed? Nice diamond plate interior...

The manufacturer of the parts above is here:

What they build in tiny shops on gravel parking areas beside the highways in India is mind boggling.
india 2.JPG

india 1.JPG
Not to mention the transfer of projects between various builders.
india 3.jpg
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I'm in love with the hatchback side windows.
I thought about doing swing-up side panels on my LJ Safari Cab, these are some photos I took when I did a mock-up to see what would be required.

I posted these photos back in 2011, here's what I wrote at the time:

With narrow pieces of wood to simulate gas props, I've hinged this panel temporarily on the upper mounting bolt holes that secure the side panel to the door surround and to the rear corner. It would be pretty straightforward to have hinges at the top of the panel similar to the Jeep's door hinges that allowed the panel to lift off completely. I'd probably use lockable paddle handle latches on the bottom, similar to those used on pickup truck toolboxes (I posted a concept drawing a few days ago showing those handles). Swing-up/removable side panels are definitely technically feasible.
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I'd be happy with just the factory glass flipping up.
Kind of like old mini vans used to flip out.
Keeping the factory hardtop.


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That is exactly what I want.......

But I'm thinking of finding an old Grand with the flip uo rear window, I had a '98 5.9 with one and fitting them (2 reg'd) to my TJ....

I now have 2 TJs since meeting a Bimmer last year..... so let the mods begin on the second TJ roof. I mostly want to avoid custom fab and just fit out existing components.




I also want to cut out the roof, drop it to the roll bar and add a Cabellos double tent thing like this as an RTT.
Someone has done this on an Expo trailer but I v=could no find it....
This, built on a TJ roof says Ultimate overlander to me.
Cute blond helps sell it.

Cabela's Tent Cot.png

ps, the insurance bureau rates the Wrangler TOPS for a driver surviving a an accident..... I'll agree.

The Bimmer is write off.
My TJR, a bit of frame twist visible in the hood alignment.
The left lower are bent massively, hence the axle is moved 4" back.
And the freaking air bags..... $3500 for the freaking air bags to make it road worthy.

Zero body damage, No paint required.... but the airs bags make it ????
If you are old you remember the 5MPH bumpers of the 1970s..... The insurance industry said these are killing us.... sure in a parking lot they save us money, but at 6mph the cost to repair a 5mph bumper kills any cost saving..... so the 5mph bumper is history.
For me, I'll never buy a 4x4 with airbags. I drive alone so I'll accept the risk..... and with all the crazy multiplex wiring and computer nano systems saying go to limp mode cuz a sensor failed.........

My next vehicle will have a carbuerator..... not a retro thing, it will have the carb the factory built it with. And likely a straight 6.

Now you know why I love Incredible India.... ok so I'm being silly,,,, India is leading the wave on climate change...
but I still love retro India and all that nostelgia..... altho I embrace the change.

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