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At the last SEMA Show (2019, there was no show in 2020 due to the pandemic), Roxor was showing a folding rear cargo bed. They were calling it the RoxBox. I took a few photos of it:

It isn't on the Roxor web site so perhaps it was just a concept for the SEMA Show, or perhaps it was a product idea they either decided not to do or it got delayed by the Jeep/Roxor lawsuit and the discontinuation of Roxor sales in the U.S.


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The Mahindra Roxor has some accessories that might be interesting for Jeeps. For example, the Roxor Stakebox. There's an anim video on Facebook showing it but I couldn't link to a Facebook video here so you can copy this URL:

An installation guide is on the Roxor website, and it has enough detail for someone who might want to build one for their Jeep (except for what to do with the Jeep's roll bar that's in the way):
This to me would negate the ONLY benefit of a side-by-side, the possibility of a dump bed. I have an early CJ-5, and definitely could see this being useful on my Jeep. I'm going to brainstorm how I could make it work with a roll cage now that I've seen the concept!


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This to me would negate the ONLY benefit of a side-by-side, the possibility of a dump bed. I have an early CJ-5, and definitely could see this being useful on my Jeep. I'm going to brainstorm how I could make it work with a roll cage now that I've seen the concept!
Since you brought up dump beds... Roxor also lists a trailer as an option on their web site ( and they were showing it at SEMA 2019. A few photos I took:

There's no description on the web site, but the trailer in the photos on the web site seems to match the trailer I took photos of (it's a good bet they're the same trailer and only one exists so far).

The top of the pages on the web site says "Canadian site" but the price is listed as $4,750.99 USD. I'm guessing it's called the Canadian site because Roxor sales are on hold in the U.S. until Roxor gets the new "non-infringing" front clip into production.

Unless a dump bed is the main reason for buying the trailer, you can build something very similar for a lot less by starting with a Dinoot kit:


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A concept pickup Roxor displayed at the SEMA show:

A interesting detail is the grille - it resembles spy shots of the grille Mahindra is reportedly preparing to satisfy the Jeep lawsuit so they can begin selling in the U.S. again.

An article from Australia on the new grille:

A nice detail on the dash of the pickup was this leather "glove compartment":



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Also at the SEMA Show, Roxors were in the booths of a number of aftermarket companies showing new products designed for the Roxor. CoverKing, for example, had this soft top with roll-up sides.

Since sales of the Roxor here in the U.S. seem to be on hold, maybe CoverKing would consider recouping their development investment in the Roxor top by adapting it to the Wrangler - it would be a very nice summer top.


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I haven't spent any time in this thread on the new model Thar. It's as different from the old Thar as the JK was from the TJ in both styling and technology. And it looks a lot like a JK:

It's offered with lots of interesting options.

There are plenty of photos, videos and articles about the new Thar on the web so I won't spend much more time on it in this thread, just do some searching if you want to see more.


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A couple of weeks ago I posted in the "Land Rover Ideas for Jeeps" thread about Exmoor door cards for Series Land Rovers; I shared this photo Exmoor posted on Instagram:

I just came across a similar product for the Mahindra Thar. The Thar doors are much closer to TJ/YJ/CJ doors than the Series Land Rover doors are, so these give a good idea of what similar door cards for a TJ might look like.

They come in three colors:

Wouldn't be hard to make a set of these for a TJ/YJ/CJ. It would be a little more involved to make them for a JK, but if a TJ/YJ/CJ inside latch/lock were adapted to the JK door it should be possible.

They're not too expensive (


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I've got to see our local auto trimmer this week with one of our utes, so I might take a picture of those along to show him and see what he thinks is possible - they'd be ideal for our 40 series Land Cruiser or the Daihatsu F25 (Scat/Taft) as well....


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The book I ordered from India finally arrived. It's billed as a coffee table book, so here it is on the coffee table...

It's over 300 pages, profusely illustrated, and covers everything from the history of the company to early models to customs and competitions.

There's a big section in the back with drawings and specs of many models.

Just skimming through it, I'd say it's the best book about jeeps ever written, and certainly better than any book I've ever seen written about U.S. Jeeps.

I'll be reading it cover to cover and if people are still interested in this subject I'll post things from the book here.


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I want my own! That looks awesome I love stuff like that
I didn't do an exhaustive search, but when I ordered the book I couldn't find a source that shipped outside of India so I ordered it to be shipped to relatives in New Delhi and they shipped it on to me after they got it. It's not inexpensive, $71 USD not counting any cost involved in getting it to the U.S. I ordered mine from Amazon India:

Another image from the book - a fold-out section of the book showing the lineage of the Thar:



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Ill appreciate if you can post the drawing and specs of Mahindra Classic and the CJ500 DP. Thanks
Here's the Classic. The pages are much larger than my scanner so I had to photograph them.

The CJ500 DP diesel drawing/specs are not in the book but the petrol version is; here's the list of what is in there:

  • Willys CJ-3A [1948]
  • Mahindra Jeep CJ-3B [1954]
  • Mahindra CJ-3B Army [1954]
  • Mahindra Jeep CJ-4 [1955]
  • C101 Ambulance/Wagonette [1967]
  • Mahindra Jeep CJ-3B [1974]
  • Mahindra CJ-500 [1975]
  • Mahindra CJ-4 CL Range Army [1974]
  • Mahindra MM440/MM540 [1985]
  • Mahindra CJ640 [1986] (Peugeot diesel)
  • Mahindra Commander 650 [1991]
  • Mahindra Commander 750 [1991]
  • Mahindra CJ340 Export [1989]
  • Mahindra CJ540 Export [1989]
  • Mahindra Commander 750HT/Marshal [1993/1998]
  • Mahindra Armada/Armada Grand [1993/1998]
  • MM540DP/MM550XD Army [1996]
  • Mahindra CL500/CL550/Major [2000]
  • Mahindra Bolero [2001]
  • Mahindra Rakshak [2000]
  • Thar Concept [2008]
  • Mahindra Thar DI [2010]
  • Mahindra Thar CRDe [2010]
  • FC160P Platform Truck [1967]
  • Mahindra NC670 [1967] (Willys Maverick Wagon)
  • FC260D/360D Platform Truck & Minibus [1975]
  • Mahindra NC665DP [1981-1984]
  • FJ460 Minibus [1983]
  • Mahindra NC640DP [1985]
  • Mahindra Pikup/Utility Single/Double Cab [1996]
  • Mahindra Savari [2000]
  • Mahindra Maxx Pickup/Maxi Truck [2005]
  • Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up [2010]
  • Mahindra Scorpio [2002]
  • Mahindra Scorpio Getaway [2007]
  • Mahindra XUV500 [2011]
  • Mahindra TUV300 [2015]
  • Mahindra XUV300 [2019]
  • Mahindra Thar [2020]


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Thank you very much for your effort. I see that mine is not even listed here :). But apart from the longer wheel base, mine shares almost everything with the Classic. So I think its the right decision to chop off the extra baggage and return it to the classic specs. 1975 CJ-500 or the Mahindra CJ 540 (1989) seem to be closest to my 1984 CJ500DP though. Can you please post the specs? Thank you.