Cool 1998 4Runner Limited in Atlanta


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Went and spoke with the guy a few weeks back. The dude was cool and the truck looked to be in good shape. According to him the PO was a NASCAR mechanic who did all the modifications. ARB front and back bumpers, OME lift, Safari snorkel, CB radio, hood lights, and a T100 engine with around 115-130ks(can't remember right now) on the engine and 195-200k on the body. Welds were clean and the truck looks killer.

Test drove it and it felt good. Wanted to buy it but ended up pulling the trigger on a bone stock 4runner a week later with 125ks on the clock. Kinda kicking myself now since the price has come down to what I paid for mine.

Also he told me he's expecting twins so be gentle with the haggling. Good luck :)