Cooking mistakes


I'm fairly new to this forum but have camped and cooked outdoors for years. As I read some of these threads it's funny how some are started "This may be a dumb question" or "I'm afraid to ask" To be truthful we all have made mistakes in our cooking, so never be afraid of asking. My first experience with a dutch oven, many years ago, was to burry it in hot coals and cover it up for 2 hours. That wonderful 3 pound roast went from three to no pounds and I had even added water and seasonings. I leared alot quickly after that and I still have that oven as a reminder 20 years later. Sure wish there was a forum like this back the!


Blackened corn? anyone? I didn't get a good seam on the foil wrap, for ears of corn..... How ever did find something handy. if you put the roast and stuff in a brown-in-bag. you can use it in a dutch oven, just make sure to get it all tucked inside the pan. putting the bag in your trash is a lot easier than washing another dish.

Desert Dan

When I was a kid somehow the eating utensils were left at home but we had a spatula for cooking. We used toung depressors like chop sticks.

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Black Dog

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My biggest mistake I make at home and on the trail is to not do prep work before I start cooking. I'll be going through the directions in the recipe and it will way to add XXXXX ingredient, which should have been finely chopped ahead of time but I didn't do it. So I've got stuff in a pan about to burn while I'm scrambling to get this other ingredient ready to put in.


Fauxverland Extraodinaire
cooking with my tripod grill over the open fire. Put a few sausages on there and naturally they all roll to one side tipping it over and into the HOT fire they ALL go. oops.


Catfish fry in my cast iron skillet, always always make sure the grease isnt to hot and you can keep it from spilling into an open flame!!! :chef:
But like you said we all make mistakes, I was a trainer for Brinkier Intl (chilis) you would think I would know how hot my oil was!!!


I watched a kid try to cook a whole pound of bacon over a campfire. Exciting to watch. If I can find and scan the pic, I'll post it up.


Recent one I had not too long ago was everything was ready to go. Side dishes being cooked on the burner and the coals were perfect for the steaks. Went to the Engel to get the steaks ... nothing. Left the damn things on the counter at home. :(


Tail-End Charlie
Grabbed the oregano, opened the pour side instead of the sprinkle side, dumped about half the container in the sauce - while stirring - before I noticed. Spooned out as much as I could, but the sauce was not salvageable.

"You can't have too much basil, but you can easily have too much oregano." - Mom


While camping at Assategue Island last year, I put pasta on the stove to start boiling. I went into the RV to do some more dinner prep. After a few minutes, I step out of the RV to check the Pasta & there's a pony standing at the table, eating out of the pot!


I found a recipe for a crock pot meatloaf that looked really good. I mixed it up and put it into the crock pot and went to work. When I got home I opened up the pot and had a black, hard, chunk the size of a can of Cambell's soup with a golf ball sized piece in the middle that was edible. I had used a special package of 95% + lean hamburger that I had in the freezer by mistake and it didn't have enough fat to stay moist. Oops.


cooking with my tripod grill over the open fire. Put a few sausages on there and naturally they all roll to one side tipping it over and into the HOT fire they ALL go. oops.
That COULDN'T have hurt them, could it?
I can't count how many sausages I've eaten or seen eaten after being dropped into the fire. Call it campfire spice.

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I learned to let someone else cook squid on a camping trip, the smell stays on your hands for a good day if you don't have ample water to wash with.