Cook Partner stove FAQ / Master thread


Received the 22" stand; it's definitely sturdy. Feel like I could put a couple of big cast iron pots on there, loaded with food and liquids, and it'll be solid. Nice.

I didn't realize for some reason that it would be steel, painted white. Because most of the pictures online are tiny and not very good.

Comes with a canvas storage bag and no assembly instructions, not that they should be needed. Only 5 pieces - the hinged legs, and 4 crossbars which drop onto 4 pegs on the top corners.

Everything I found online before I ordered it said, "The stand height is 32", making the cooking surface 35" high."

Height is actually 34", making the stove top 37" of height - this is great for us since we're tall. But it's a 2" discrepancy - are they all this tall or do batches vary?

Also, it's a 22" stand so, made for the 22" stoves, no? Stove is a titch under 22" but the stand is actually wider than that - and there are no stops on it, so you can slide a 2 burner back and forth, or rotate it quite a few degrees.

If the (thin) rails holding the stove were spaced 1/8" wider, I could get the stove to fall through - which would be scary with big pots of hot food - see photo - again, quite a discrepancy in a metal shop.


Will probably end up buying a plastic cutting board from restaurant supply and cutting it down on the table saw to fit in front/back of the stove - looks like that'll be a 15" x 22 1/4" work surface which is ample:

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Also ran around a bit to find the propane tank I wanted, had to get used actually from a propane dealer - but $40 for a full, freshly certified 4.25 lb (I think, not marked) steel tank -

Nice size, very short and stout with a flat bottom, so this sucker ain't going to ever tip -



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^ I also have the Partner Steel stove stand. I ordered it with both sets of 'stretchers' to accommodate my then big 36" 3-burner PS stove and also 18" and current 22" stoves. Using the shorter length "stretchers" results in a smaller size platform but taller; longer 'stretchers' result in the opposite (larger platform but not as tall). But I decided the stand was more versatile to me with simple added wood shelf panels made simply from 1x12 pine boards therefore allowing me to use it as an "anything" stand: Stoves, water containers, etc. This also gives more horizontal real estate for cooking utensils, etc., that are handier when near the stove and cooking.


Deciding between the 22" 2 burner and 26" 3 burner was our big dilemma but so far it's looking good with the 22" choice. Cooked dinner on it last night in the house :) to test the action of the burners.

That's interesting, it may be a good project later to cut a table top like you did for the stand, it's sturdy enough I could go a bit beyond its dimensions to have a nice large standing height table.


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Those new to Partner Steel stoves: No need to crank the burner flame control to off! A gentle hand...will stall the need to rebuild ‘em. And they'll modulate properly. No need to ask how I learned all about that 😉.
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Those new to Partner Steel stoves: No need to crank the burner flame control to off! A gentle hand...will stall the need to rebuild ‘em. And they'll modulate properly. No need to ask how I learned all about that 😉.
Good advice.

I usually do all of the cooking, but I've had helpers occasionally try to torque 'em down like lug nuts.


i have never thought to measure height of stand or cook surface, just did, see picts
my 22inch is slightly wider than 22inch, i have never had any concern for stove falling thru...i use stove on stand by it self, with one PS aluminum plate, or with 1x pine boards. i have placed wood spacers under one or two legs as needed to mostly level an un-level situation.




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So those are about the best pictures I've seen online of the stand so far lol - but it looks like yours fits the stand a little tighter. It's workable, I may just add spacers later or something so it's a tighter fit or more resistant to sliding.

And yours is the same height as mine - so perhaps they need to update their measurements on the website.


So as @spressomon said, that Chef King griddle is a nice fit and nice quality for the price. All seasoned up and ready for camping after cooking up a few breakfasts in the home kitchen.


And the generic $8 'steak saver' adapter works just fine. A gripe with it - there is no off valve of course, and the PS rubber hose holds a fair bit of propane. So when you shut off your stove and detach the 1lb bottle, you'll vent a bunch of propane to atmosphere. Could be an accident waiting to happen at worst, wasteful at least.

And, piezo mod done - easy and a real nice upgrade!

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If you're interested in a work surface for your stove stand look into having a Richlite cutting board made. I found a site called The Cutting Board Company (no affiliation) that had great service, website, and was shipped very quickly. They also have other materials as well if bamboo, hdpe, poly, or other woods are more your thing. I choose the Richlite since it's high temp rated and food safe so I can use it as a cutting board and still sit hot pots or whatever on it. I had mine cut to be 22"x13" and it fits in my BROG stove bag along with my 22" Cook Partner. I saw where someone used a standard hdpe board and it would sag with time and weight so I figured a tougher material was a better idea. I need to see if I have a better picture of the board.


Another thing I use my stand for is my wash basins. I use 3 of the 1/3 size restaurant steam table pans (6" deep version). They're stainless steel so I can set them directly on the stove to reheat my wash water and then drop them back in place. The Richlite cutting surface sits on top of them when I want prep/cooking surface. Left is hot soapy water, middle is warm rinse, and right is cold sterilize with a couple of steramine tablets. The only thing I had to make was a middle cross bar to support the pans.


Roger M.

Gents, the stand you're showing in your pictures has an extension out in front of the stove that accommodates the steam table pans and cutting board/work surface.
My question is ... is this the normal 22" stand, or did you order (or specify) a different sized stand that would accommodate the 22" two burner stove PLUS the cutting board out in front of it?

Put another way, if I order the stock Partner 22" stand, will it have the extension out front for the cutting board?
(I have the 22" two burner stove).
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This is the 22" stove stand, but the stands are made for the 4 burner models basically.

So the 2 burner ones will slide back and forth and only use 1/2 the top area of the stand. PS sells a metal plate to fill the space, or you can cut your own. I bought an oversize plastic cutting board from restaurant supply and waiting to get on a table saw to cut it to fit.