Continental TerrainContact A/T - Anyone have them?


I see the new Conti A/T are roughly $75 cheaper than the benchmark KO2's @ TireRack in the sizes I want (18" wheels). $75 x 5 is quite a chunk of change. I feel there is no real need for Load Range E tires, which is what most of the KO2's are - the vehicle is a stock 100 series Land cruiser. I'd like to hear opinions from those who have had them. If you have compared them against KO2's, your opinions would be highly valued - Thanks!


I don't have any experience with those but they are a very different tire than the KO's. Much more of a highway tread. If you are looking for lower priced all terrain competitors for the KO2 take a look at Falken AT3W's, General Grabber AT2, or Hankook ATM's.


Thanks, they're not really that much different than the KO2s (which are actually much different than the first gen KO's). As for the other tires you quoted I am not too keen on any of them other than the General AT2. When it comes to tires, my personal feeling is that the brand absolutely matters. Continental (who own General) and Michelin (who own BFG), speaking from a technical stand-point, know the tire art better than the others and that reflects in their aftermarket offerings as well...


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We've had a set on the wife's Subaru Forester for ~8,000 miles now. The tread is more aggressive than it looks in pictures, but is still very highway friendly. The tires are pretty quiet on the highway, gas mileage took a bigger hit than I expected, and traction on all surfaces (except mud - I avoid mud as much as possible) has been good. I like them so well that I wish I had a set on my truck.


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I put a set on my 2014 F-150 (275/55-20) about 3 weeks ago and so far I'm impressed with the on road performance. Have not had a chance to get it off-road yet. Very slight increase in noise over the Pirelli STR, but seem to ride better than the Pirelli's did.