Considering a low-roof van option- any examples?


Hey crew-

We have been running a 2 door Jeep JK w/RTT and I have been thinking about a move to a van platform for about a year or so. It seems I've shifted/refined ideas every time we've done a trip in the JK (and once in a rented Transit). Always my base concept has been around a mid-roof, mid length Transit (AWD once that became an option)

Lately I have been giving the low roof Transit some serious thought. A few trips along waterways has me really making the ability to carry kayak/canoe/SUP an important feature and I am not so sure about hauling any of that onto a mid-roof (let alone high roof) build. Just squeezing underneath some of the low branches that have guarded some of the nice spots made me think twice about the taller prifile.

Overall my working priorities are:
Highly functional galley. Outside (rear door) only is fine. Workspace and storage are higher priority than, say, running water. (pump sink is fine.)
Garage space for gear and toys
Roof rack/deck- possibly moving our clamshell RTT from the Jeep, and / or canoe storage. Built in ladder.
Open to either a permanent sleeping platform or a convertible bench/bed solution.

Less vital (in my head at the moment anyway!):
Standing room inside. (With outside galley, doesn't seem to be much reason to need the headroom)
Rv/House style build.

My biggest concern over the low-roof build is whether or not there is sufficient height to have a sleeping platform and still enough room to sneak in a galley/garage underneath.

Also whether I'll eventually really regret giving up the height. And whether hauling canoes up to the mid-roof is really as much of a pain as I guess it would be!

Any one have pics or thoughts on a low roof build?

Thanks in advance!

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In my opinion , the low roof really dictates more specific layouts.
I did the classic westfalia layout in my AWD express van and I am very happy with it.


You could add a pop-top (Sportsmobile or CCV) and have the best of both worlds.

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