Conqueror Compact Tent Replacement


Thanks. I agree it looks and functions great.

I would do one thing differently if I were to do it again. I mis-specified the width of the bars. I decided to mount them on the center section of the roof as opposed to the outside section. I wasn't sure the awning towers would fit. As it turns out, it would have been perfect.

I reinforced the inner seams with additional rivets and bolts, and to be extra sure the middle rear wouldn't sag, I added another aluminum track.


I added the rings mostly as jewelry but my wife immediately utilized one as a make-up mirror mount. The final touch that made her a big fan of the project.



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I flirted with replacing the tent on my Compact ---- I wanted a bigger bed. And the fold-out floor of the Conqueror collapsed under my formidable bulk.
But I just replaced the foam sandwich stuff with some plywood and changed the mattress; declared victory...

It's hard to beat that tent though. It's fairly huge, has an attached annex, and is stout.
I bought Bill's trailer. I've continued to enjoy the tent after his remedy. But I've wondered what we'd do if any major damage ever occurred to that tent. Judging by this project, now I know what I'd do. Hoping to convert the kitchen in mine to the new design. Swing rear door. Pull out counter/cabinet, move fridge to a new compartment up front. That will be a big one.
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One important thing I forgot to mention...

It is really more of a tent review, but it is a contrast to the original tent so worth mentioning. As you know the original tent is very heavy military canvas and pretty much bullet-proof. The downside is that it is very dark inside day and night and *hot* on sunny days. The Tepui tent is lighter cotton-poly, has better ventilation, and the silver/grey rain fly and annex make the tent MUCH cooler during the day (I took a nap every day in complete comfort) The material also lets in much more light. IMNSHO, both "features" make the tent more livable, especially in sunny climates.