Conqueror Compact Tent Replacement


After 5 + years my tent and cover a getting a bit ragged. With no dealer/manufacturer support for parts I am considering replacing the entire tent. Anyone done this?

I'm not sure how to mount a replacement tent as I have not removed the existing unit. I'd value any personal experiences on replacement issues, mounting and tent recommendation.


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I'd ask Martyn and Mario from Adventure Trailers. They've got experience with just about anything trailer related. I've never met anybody else as knowledgeable.
Bet they have a tent that would fit right on top of a Conqueror.


Bill -

Yeah. That is definitely plan "B" but I was hoping someone had done it already. They both are terrific guys and I feel a bit squeamish because after a number of false starts I haven't bought anything meaningful from them. Someday tho...

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SE Expedition Society
I flirted with replacing the tent on my Compact ---- I wanted a bigger bed. And the fold-out floor of the Conqueror collapsed under my formidable bulk.
But I just replaced the foam sandwich stuff with some plywood and changed the mattress; declared victory...

It's hard to beat that tent though. It's fairly huge, has an attached annex, and is stout.


Update: I decided to move ahead with the tent up-grade/update. It required the installation of cross bars for mounting as the current bolt to the roof approach won't work well for replacement tents.

For the bars I looked at expensive options from Yakima/Thule/Rhino as well as cheap options from Vantech. By far the best option was to have AT fab custom bars attached to aircraft-grade track. Double the price of Vantech but only 2/3's of Y/T/R track solutions. I also got their awning towers. Less of a price performer, but the best option I could find. As always excellent service and I only drove Mario a *little* crazy with all my questions.

For the tent I looked at the following options:

Tepui Autana - 56" x 48" x 12" (WxLxH) - $1375 - - Great feature/price/service performer and local to me

CVT Mount Shasta - Size: 56"W x 48"L x 14" Ht. - $1445 - - Similar to the Tepui and well recommended

Eezi Awn Series 3 1400 T-Top XKLUSIV - 48"L x 55"W x 11"H - $3330 - - The "gold standard" and priced accordingly.

I went back and forth between the Tepui and Eezi Awn. Decided on the Tepui based on price, local, and that it has an integrated removable/replaceable tent annex floor.

All parts have been ordered and Linex for the roof has been scheduled for next week. I hope to have it done in time for a shake-down next weekend.

Progress photos to come...

Take-off tent is in the For Sale section
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Tent removed, holes plugged and rack from AT dry fitted.

So far so good. Linex and tent scheduled.


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I have wondered about this as well, glad to see someone taking the leap. How hard was it to remove the tent? Our tent is in great shape and like new however, the tent cover is cracking and become somewhat hard.

Will be following this thread.



Removing the tent was pretty easy. The cover and tent are held on through the channels riveted to the body. Untying the knots and sliding out is all it takes. I did it by myself, but help would have been very handy.

If it were not for the fact that my cover is (and has always been) trashed, I would have had the tent repaired. Now that I have taken them off, I am more sure of that. The repair/replacement cost in the SF Bay Area was very close to the cost of a replacement tent. Hopefully you can do better.


Next phase complete. Linex done and custom rack from Adventure Trailers installed.

I went with the Grey Linex because I was worried that black would turn the box in to an oven. I also did the fenders for step grip and to bring the Grey color down for balance (yeah I clearly over think things). I'm happy with the result.


Installing the AT bars was just a matter of drilling 30 holes and attaching with stainless hardware. Other than a slipped socket busted thumbnail, no installation drama. Again *very* happy with this solution. Thanks AT!


Installing the awning towers tmrw as I ran out of daylight. Failed to factor in first aid time. ;)

Tepui Autana Sky tent install Saturday.


This doing projects and working for a living has had me chasing daylight all week.

Awning towers on and ready for the final tent and awning install tmrw.

The towers were more of a PITA than anything else. Getting my hands in to the corner by the kitchen to start and tighten the nuts was more than difficult. Took longer than expected, but the results are great.



Tent install complete with fine service from Tepui. All the pieces fit together as planned (amazing).


I needed to install the awning on the AT towers when I got home as they didn't have the necessary hardware.


Thanks to Adventure Trailers, Tepui Tents, and for making this happen with terrific products and service. Highest recommendation to all.
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4 day break in trip. Net-net - Very happy with the results.


On balance I like everything about this tent. Very good quality and I love the modular construction. I intend to make a change to the back of the annex to improve access to the trailer. Easier as it is a relatively cheap science project.
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