Conqueror Compact loft tent flap question


Hello all,

I am doing what everyone else has done with one of these beauties. Making some mods to make it my own. In my googling I have found a couple of pictures of the loft flap on the tent being held open with tent poles. I can see using conduit to make a support for the front and drill holes to affix the poles ( uprights). For those who have done this, what did you use for tent poles and how did you mount them so that I can still open the side?

This looks like a great option to have. I stole this picture from this forum but couldn't find it again.


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I just use the poles that came with the trailer and put one pole against the gas tank and another against the propane tank on the back.


I might just try that. My propane is on the front so I'd need to find a good way to put them in place.

I was actually thinking about using Bimini top (boat) mounts and using those to hold a 7/8 tent pole