Compressor Issue


I replaced my compressor less than 2 years ago but getting the “filling too slowly” error code most (not all times) after start up. Galley pressure drops quickly after success or failure getting to 253-255psi so I suspect bad seal.

Where is the galley seal, on the compressor or on the reservoir. Important so I can hopefully not have to remove both sliders.

I have gap tool so can also take technical recommendations on valves, etc.

Gallery is on the compressor and by reservoir do you mean the tank?

British Parts of Utah has the rebuild kits for cheap on their site. I ordered them with my valve body kits just to have on the shelf.

On that note, you could have a leak at one of the valve bodies as well so the compressor is continuing to pump and it can't reach suspension pressure.

My current leak/sag is both fronts; almost gauranteed to be the front valve body but I figured I would order all the kits to rebuild all valves and compressor at once. I figure if one place is leaking at 105k, the rest can't be far behind.


I second that from Vic, rebuild all of it now before you burn up the compressor and have to drive around with a saggy ass suspension.


Thanks. VO, you interpreted my use of gallery and reservoir. I have no other issues or sagging so pretty sure issue is Compressor seal. I did not replace relay which is recommended so was trying to understand if I had electrical issue since Compressor was professionally rebuilt reman unit (unfortunately 1st gen).

However, does your gallery pressure maintain a 200ish pressure after hitting that level? Or once it pressurized system does it normally drop. I seem to remember that galley pressure stayed high after comp did it’s thing.

Btw, on front valve block. I removed mine 70k miles ago, took apart, cleaned and out back together (no kit or replacement parts). No issues since. I had front sagging issue to one side. Nice thing that that one is easy to get to.