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Hi Everyone,
We have a surplus of composite panels that we are selling! These are top quality Total Composites panels that were custom made for us. Due the size and difficulty of shipping, the buyer will have to pick these up at our Prescott, Arizona facility. These panels feature German Lamilux high impact woven skins on both sides. This is very unusual, but makes these panels extremely durable. The core is high density XPS. Panel weight is approximately 1 lb/ sq. foot. Our cost on these panels was $875 each including international shipping to the Port of Los Angeles. I am offering these for $656/panel. That is a 25% discount off our cost! I have a small number of samples that I can send to serious buyers. Each panel is 151.5" x 66.75" and we have 8 panels surplus. These would be perfect for a custom trailer build.

If anyone is unfamiliar with Total Composites panels, these are manufactured in China using German components and engineering, including Lamilux skins and adhesives. They are among the best quality in the world. That's why we went to the expense of importing them. I have personally visited the factory, and witnessed the assembly of TC panels. The people who build these know what they doing, and there are good procedural and environmental controls.

Edit: These are 30mm panels

EDIT: with the current Chinese tariffs, the savings on these panels is closer to 50%!

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