I've had the same handheld compass for decades, but I have to step away from a Jeep to use the.

Anybody know of a decent option that I can mount in my Jeep. I see lots of options but all of them have poor reviews. Anybody know of a decent Compass I can use inside a vehicle.

I am not looking for another app on my smartphone.

jimi breeze

jimi breeze
You will always have deviation caused by the of all the steel in your vehicle. A high quality magnetic compass will have adjustment screws to compensate for the magnetic influences of your vehicle.
To adjust you would head your vehicle in all direction and note the difference and make minor adjustments until most of the error is removed. A deviation table would be drafted with your corrections which records the error for each 15 degrees of heading, used onboard a boat or ship. A corrected compass is a must in long distance navigation using only a compass heading to steer by on open water. But is this really practical on a vehicle?
Using an electronic compass is more forgiving for vehicle use. Adjustment is easy and it will give general direction.

Bill Ruttan

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For general direction orientation ONLY I found (through trial and error) a spot on the center console of my Defender that had the least amount of deviation. I then attached a small compass (actually a re-purposed wrist compass) to this horizontal surface with double sided tape. I got lucky in that the local magnetic variation tended to cancel out some of the error, such that my crude “compass correction card” ended up like this:

Indicated Heading/Correction to Yield True Heading


The whole project cost less than 10USD


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Look for an aviation compass. They can be bought used.

The deviation will change depending on which electric/electronic device is turned on/off.

Long long time ago we use to swing the compasses and make deviation charts. Some compasses were mounted in a remote (roof) location and need mirror(s) to read them.


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Kinda depends on what you want, generally I am on some sort of a road and actual compass numbers don't do me much good because I can't just drive at 187.3 degrees but it is nice to at least have a feel for which direction a guy is going. I snagged one of these out of a late 90's Tahoe, it will also display temp and the mirror is autodimming.

Best $4 ever...

Writeup I made on the install:

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