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Thanks, ya'll! I appreciate the input.
After having a classic fiberglass shell with a buildout in it, I'm leaning towards a bare-bones set-up no matter what camper I go for. And I often store surfboards in the bed so they can be locked which eats up so much space (don't get me started). some lights, my cooler, and my stove. maybe a heater for the ski lot.

Now I have a lot to think about (which is good). Thanks again!

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Timely thread as I am looking at the various options in a pop-up for my GMC Canyon ECLB. Looking for something that does not completely eliminate using it for truck things, not just camping.


I absolutely love my Snap Treehouse.
The bed is super comfy, easy to set up and plenty of room.
I much prefer the wedge still due the being able to aim the wedge into the wind and also shedding the rain and snow.
My downstairs set up is very basic with just an open space that I fill up with gear specific to the adventure.
The diesel heater keeps us toasty warm.
I would say it probably takes about 1 minute to set up and about 3 minutes to pack it up.

We have spent about 50 nights in ours and have enjoyed every minute of it both in summer and winter.
Temperatures in summer have gone up to 30C and winter down to -20C.

It’s a great unit. I can’t recommend them enough.

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