Compact grill


I just ordered one of these, have a look: Tailgator Grill.aspx

Very compact, all stainless construction, carry bag included. It's tough to find good quality compact stuff for solo use. Everything is bigger than I need. This little grill fits the bill and could be used for 2 people. It's only 12.5 x 3" in the bag. The design can be used with charcoal, small wood chunks, or even cow patties if you like that smokey "home on the range" flavor :sombrero: People always want to know the secret to my great burgers, but I don't have the heart to tell them :elkgrin: The only downside is no lid, but I can pick up a stainless lid at a second hand store.


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I got one of those a few years back - a Weber version. With practice, you can set it up in a few mins. A truly excellent purchase that has seen use on boats, beaches, mountains and backyards all over the world. Not bad for about 10 bucks. I also keep it handy as a cosh in case of marauding foxes or evil, vicious sheep wanting to snarf contents of my rucksack overnight. Don´t be fooled, sheep are not what they seem...


Let us know what the quality is like once you receive it. Looks like it is also available on


I'll do a little review on it tomorrow with some pics. I'm very happy with it. Starting with the grill in the storage bag, it took me exactly 35 seconds to remove it and set it up. Most of the parts are stainless. The main body is heavily coated steel. Not sure what the paint is. The fire pot and the grill are stainless, as are the folding legs. The grill has a folding handle on it so you can take it off and carry the food away to eat. It's only about 3" high when collapsed and very light. assembled it stands about 10" high. The grill has a 1/2" high lip all the way around to keep things from rolling off. It's very well thought out IMO. I only wish it had a lid, but I'll try and find a suitable one second hand. I believe there is room in the bag for one.

I bought mine off Amazon. It was shipped directly from Cameron.