Combining Somewhat Dissimilar [12v] Panels in Parallel


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naw, just some cable.. and dont need to be that heavy to transfer more current than the 8A a 100W panel will output (irl more likely ~5A).. a 100W panel will not be enough to keep a battery happy, it will need a more dependable charge source.

DC DC charger is only REQUIRED if your using a vastly different battery chemistry than your alternator is designed for.. or you have expensive batteries and want to pamper them with smart charging from an alternator, or you have an extremely long run from charger to battery and need to overcome voltage drop to ensure batteries are fully charged (if combined with solar this becomes more optinal than required).. if not just get an isolating relay/acr and wire em up to that alt.
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Fwiw I run 2 different 50w panels. I run them in parallel with a PWM controller. Works fine.

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