Colorado owners thought on the Schofield Pass Road


Climbing Nerd
Any thought on running the Schofield Pass Road from Crested Butte to Carbondale IN a LR3 on 32's? I am thinking ahead for next summer as this one has been a bust for us. I have been interested in this trail for a while and if COVID had not happened would have probable given it a go this summer. After looking at some more video and some photos I'm just not sure if I would need to be more in the Jeep on 35's range for this trail.


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Climbing Nerd
This all sounds good I had watched a video on YouTube that made it look like at one point you had to climb around a big rock on the passages side (for north bound travel) that I wasn’t sure you didn’t need 35’s to get over.


I used to live in Gunnison back in the late 90's, and did this road multiple times in a stock 93 XJ with oem sized K01's.

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