Colombia: Good place to buy a car?


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I'm looking for any advice on buying a 4x4 in Colombia. We are shipping our own land cruiser from Panama to Colombia but have a friend joining us for an extended time in South America. Only having two seats in my land cruiser we will need an extra vehicle. From what I can tell, it seems to be fairly straightforward to buy a car even as a foreigner in Colombia and get it registered. Even better looks like you are able to find 70 Series Land Cruisers at reasonable prices online - a dream for any 70-series starved US citizen like me. I am also considering keeping the car and importing it to the US afterwards if it serves me well.

Are there any locals in Colombia or someone with previous experience of buying a car who would want to chime in on this?

I'm also looking for any recommended mechanics who could take a good look at a car for me?


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As of a few years ago it was pretty straightforward and just involved getting the bill of sale type documents notarized and filed with the right offices.

It was also easy to get insurance without being a resident (unlike many other countries). This was a few years ago so things can always change.

You would need to have a working knowledge of Spanish or the assistance of a local as none of the people I dealt with spoke much English.