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Hey Capt. good to see you here. I sold my Tracker and picked up a new Pro-4X Frontier. The little Tracker servered it's purpose, but it was time for something new.

Great looking setup you got there.

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Loved my Tracker ,but I go alone a lot across Anza Borrego and the wife was worried. And she made the mistake ah I mean generous offer to go buy a new jeep. I took it easy on her and bought one 2 years old with 30000 miles :) Wrangler rides much smoother and I have injured C5,C6 so it does not hurt my neck as much. I am one of those with the age comes the cage guys after 45 years of Dirt bikes,3 wheelers, quads, dual sports, Adventure bikes

Lucky j

the pics where the trailer is upside down has to be the cargo tie down test. Right?? Lol

This as to be the tie down test! Lol

Bonofied Suiter

Bonofied Suiter
Hi Everyone,
Here's a link to my trailer build thread. It took over three years to finish in my driveway. I don't have much to add to it. I may add some small tweaks such as anchor points in the floor of the bed but I have no intention to include a roof top tent. This trailer project started from a rare 1960's Marine version of the M416 military trailer. As you can see from the early photos in my build thread the tub was rusted through in a number of places. I'm pleased to have been able to refurbish and resurrect my trailer with hopes for it to last for another 50 years or more.

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Ok I will play.
This started as a utility trailer, I found a truck cap that I liked and then found a Truck ladder rack, Took it all to my Miller welder and added a few things here and there, beefed up suspension, added Eco temp heater, 33 gal water tank, Roof top tent, lifted springs. it is never finished.
jeep trailer.JPG


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Wanted to send an updated one, Lifted it again, Added Pelican case for hot water, fox wing and built a swing out tire.IMG_1281.JPG

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Current trailer built on an M1101

Have enjoyed this trailer. Installed an 8 foot bed slide for easy access to everything. Solar, on demand water heater, two water tanks, RTT, ARB awning, ARB zip in 8x8 room, rear awning, LED lighting, fridge/freezer, air, 200 amp hour battery supply, 37 inch Kevlar run flat tires and a few more toys.