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Trailer - In Progress

Bought this off my old man earlier this year. It was built by a millwright, so it's definitely overkill.

I will update with a build thread in a few weeks after the move.

The Jeep is gone now, upgraded to a Taco for more space.... And because I hated the Jeep.

Plans are:
- New RTT w/add-a-room and awning
- Strip trailer down to frame to install struts for the platform
- Replace sheet metal with aluminum (likely checker plate because it's cheap and easy to find)
- Convert to 6 lug to match the Tacoma
- Build drawer system
- Battery
- Water Storage

Lots of other stuff to come, just haven't had anywhere to work on it yet. Come Dec 1st, I'll have some space for it finally.



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Just a few photos,still got lots to do.

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Hey im starting to design my trailer. Would you be able to roof top tent on that top rack or would it need some more bracing?


This trailer is all custom build by me off a 1st gen 4Runner chassis.
This is what i started off with when i first took on this project.

And now i looks like this

I by using the 4runner chassis i was able to use 3" lift leaf springs and make my own/modify a u-bolt flip pack to accommodate the 3500lb trailer axle. I kept the 6x5.5 lug pattern so i could use the same rim size and same 35" tire size that i use on my current 4runner. This way i eliminate the need to carry a 2nd spare tire. By using the lift and matching tires as my truck i gain the desired ground clearance. and if i ever get a flat i can always use my truck's full sized spare rim/tire. and if i ever get a 2nd flat on my truck well i just so happen to have 2 more spares mounted on the trailer. So that was the reason behind that one.

And this is my tow vehicle.

The trailer has came a very long way from what i started with but the outer shell is almost finished then i can register it a the DMV so i can finally start adding all the goodies like Solar, tent forced air heater, on board heated shower, roof top tent etc etc. I cant wait to use this on the trail!

If you're curious to see more about my build here is my trailer build thread:


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Here's my custom trailer. Someday I'll do a basic build thread. My wife calls it project Mac and Cheese because of the gross colour it started as.


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have evolved to this, waiting on parts for 3500lb 5x5 axle and light spring kit so I can run jeep tires and have 2 spares that will work on either