Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!


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Since I am not going to go out and spend 70 bucks on a titanium coffee mug, lets here about everyone's coleman addiction. I have a crap load of stoves, accessories, bbqs etc from coleman. Even tried to get a coleman pop up trailer but could not find one in Newfoundland. Fire away everyone...


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Even tried to get a coleman pop up trailer but could not find one in Newfoundland. Fire away everyone...
You mean like this: (Sorry, don't have a popped-up pic handy at the moment.)

They slap a Coleman logo on it, but it's a Fleetwood trailer if I understand correctly.



i have a coleman dual fuel lantern, and 3 burner dual stove that are both older than me, i also have two coleman kayaks and all of it goes on every trip with me.

ooh almost forgot about my two coleman extreme 52qt coolers.
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I don't even consider myself a collector and I've got four Coleman stoves and a lantern.

I love them for the reliability and heat output, but boy to I hate the noise and hassle of priming a stove just to make coffee*. I've given in to convenience for short trips and go butane/propane, but I keep my Coleman gear for sure. If I ever do a really long trip (especially one to more remote locales), it'll be Coleman for me.

*(I'm an early riser, and I compulsively try to keep quiet to let everyone else sleep in. The metallic bangs and noises of pumping, etc. a Coleman is a sure-fire way to wake up the wife and daughter...)


^^ Agreed Herbie!
I use a jet-boil / AeroPress / manual grinder for coffee but for everything else I have three coleman stoves and four lanterns (Only one of each work currently) I'm rebuilding my 1950's two burner to keep in the truck instead of the 4 year old one.
I always keep an eye out for a good 1967 (the month/year I was born) set (stove and lantern and heater).


I have a two burner stove, single burner stove, and lantern. All white gas. Reliable and indestructible!

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We were looking at a coleman Evolution series.
There was one for sale here in Bowling Green, KY a few months back. $12,000 is what they wanted if I recall. It's was a nice pop-up.

I'd sure hate to see the shipping bill to Newfoundland though.....


Haha, I love this thread! I recently purchased a Coleman Xtreme 5 70qt cooler and love it. I tossed two blocks of ice in it and there were two full blocks of ice after 3 days of camping! I also have a coleman sleeping bag and two burner stove (triton series I believe) - love them both.


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not sure if some of my parents old coleman stuff is still at there house :)

I have some coleman stuff also the Japan coleman has some really cool items I wish they would bring in to the USA :)

if some have old stoves post pics :)


The addiction is real.Bought a 413G about a month ago to play with and see if I liked it. Yesterday found a 426B at a second hand store for 19.00...It followed me home !


Autism Family Travellers!
I am going to start frequenting yard sales on the search for coleman stuff. I have a few coleman stoves, and lanterns now. Plus my new stuff, like the dual burner stove/oven, electro cooler, tents, sleeping bags, camp kitchen items etc. All great. and cheap...Just what the camper ordered.

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