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Hey Team at Expo, I have been lurking in the shadows for the past couple of months figure I'd formally introduce myself and my rig. I come from working with VW for 5 years, then I went back to school last fall (slowed down the build with the negative cash flow situation). I currently have a 2007 LR3 HSE which is going to be my new adventure/camping rig. My previous builds/experience have been VW/Audi which all were slammed to the point of not being able to get over a speed bump.. I still have one that is currently get a transmission overhaul. I new to the Land Rover scene, and honestly never thought I would own one.. Then I drove one and had to have it!!

My main focus for the last bit has been the maintenance items, I was fortunate enough to have purchased it from folks who were very anal at maintenance.

Maintenance completed soon as I got my rig:

Summer 2015 Maintenance
-Diffs & T-case flush
-Tie rods
-front brakes
-brake flush
-powersteering flush
-air filter
-Cabin filter
-AMK Compressor upgrade
-Lower Control Arms

Winter 2016 Maintenance:
-Moisture in my driver side floor area, have clean the drains, double checked all the water egress areas. Hoping it is just from all the snow.

Goodies added:
- Voyager Rack & Ladder
- 18"s LR rep wheels
- 265/65-18 BF All terrian KO2 rubber
- 50" Glare LED ~46,000lumin, the new style with the cat eye lenses on it (crazy bright in comparison to my 50" curve no namer, Comparison picture below of the bars)
- PIAA super yellow fogs, able to score these for a couple bucks so figured why not
- Light Tint on Tail lights, and side markers

Upcoming projects:
- Winch Bumper: ARB or Tactical Rovers (havent decided on which one to go with, after my close call.. which was still expensive I want to put some frontal armour on my LR, plus having a winch will make recoveries a bit easier)
-Tactical Rovers bumper & tire swing (265/65-18 fits underneath, but i dread the day i need it on a trail or somewhere with out my floor jack

Couple of Photos from my late summer expedition:

I had a 50" Curve LED bar installed, but Bambis dad really wanted a ride so it is no longer... Needless to say, new hood and light bar and things are back to normal. The new 50" is a Spot, and in my words id say its like a lazer beam for light out put, The Curve was nice for that it literally flooded everything at the front end of the truck, however the reflection off the hood was horrific, but manageable.

I have yet to get a good picture of the output.. usually next to impossible to with iphone camera. Here is the difference between the chipsets of the two bars. Top one is some ebay one compared to Glare LED (canadian manufacture, dollar is hurting to go south for any goodies). Also the 50" Curve whistled pretty bad, music was a must to drown it out. With the straight bar zero whistle.

Picture before light bar:

Pictures of how the truck currently sits:

Wish List: Expedition Portal Licence plate frames, Would love to rock a set.
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I am on the LR3 hunt and for me it's between this red and tonga green! Not that you asked...but I think this truck would look better without black wheels..BUT Beautiful truck thanks for sharing!


I love seeing red D3's, rare in our area.

skip license plate frames, run a few stickers ;)
Went through the sticker phase with a couple of my VWs, figured plate frames would be a clean way to show off being a Expo member.. but i guess ill get a Expo sticker :ylsmoke:


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I really like black wheels on any color LR3, other than Java Black. The red is real sharp! Thanks for sharing your thread.

Curious, see you running the KO2's. How many miles do you have on them, and how have you liked them overall?


I love seeing red D3's, rare in our area.

skip license plate frames, run a few stickers ;)
I went through the sticker phase with my vw trying to keep this one as clean as possible :ylsmoke:

Welcome fellow Canuck!
Thanks!! :elkgrin:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I really like black wheels on any color LR3, other than Java Black. The red is real sharp! Thanks for sharing your thread.

Curious, see you running the KO2's. How many miles do you have on them, and how have you liked them overall?

Thanks! Yup good eye Im KO2s and absolutely love them, have 10,000km on them so fair, they were quieter than my stock 19s with toyo winters on them. I run a 5 wheel set up, rotate every 5,000km. No issues with wear, very happy with them. They have seen some pretty ugly winter conditions and handled fantastic. Matching spare is nice, plus I figure if I am going to have an issue its going to be away from society or paved roads where a donut wont really help me.


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I'll vote for the black wheels - they look good IMHO.

Next, put some clear wrap on the sides to keep that gorgeous paint looking good after a couple of BC carwashes.

Looking forward to this build progression.


Nice start! I too am a VW Audi guy who, 7 years ago bought a 95 Disco. As a VW Audi tech And having owned 38 VW's and Audi's wanted something different. Am on my 4th Land Rover and work at a LR dealer as a tech. I drank the kool aid too! :D


So it has been a while since i have posted last...Figured since i am heading off to Africa might as well get some work done to the Rover so its ready for when i get back.

Currently working on some designs for a custom bumper build for both my front and rear application, with the CDN dollar to US hovering around the $1.38CDN to 1USD, just doesn't make sense to buy from the states for the cost, plus then shipping and duties (fellow canucks will understand that pain).

With the custom design going to go with a full bull design so I can run limb risers pending on trails etc. Definitely have approach angles and weight as my primary concerns to keep them high as possible and make sure the beast doesn't get to heavy. Ill definitely go with a similar two unit design like that TR bumper having the steel winch plate and going with an aluminum bumper covering to keep the weight down.

People running aftermarket bumpers just wanted to poll the crowd and see if there were any concerns or thoughts when it came to their bumpers, features they wished they had or ones not so important.

1. Windshield washer bottle - haven't fully committed on the removal and relocate, after spending a lot of time staring at Rays custom bumper the design has grown on me and be asymmetrical really wouldn't be a make or break it item for me. Plus keeping that additional space for a compressor and other goodies would be key.

2. Sensors (front and rear) - this i am torn on, i have a 14 jeep rubi that i daily and it doesn't have sensors and i don't miss them... however i do like having them on the Rover even tho it has wayyyy better visibility than the jeep.

If I do go the sensor route I will need two fronts to replace my colour matched ones anyone have some spare textured ones or not coloured ones kicking around?

Front bumper features

- removable skid plate - recommended by both Ray and Eric.
- two recovery points
- will go with aftermarket fogs not sure what brand etc, most definitely an LED and ill throw a yellow laminex (BC fog is a pain)
- Similar front cut out spot like what Ray has allow air flow and weight reduction (might wedge a DOT led light bar, feed my obsession with more light)


- tire swing
- additional shovel and axe mount
- CB antenna/VHF mount potentially

Open to all other suggestions!


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I'm not usually a fan of red, but the LR choice is a good one and your truck looks awesome.

I also like black wheels on just about anything. Keep posting as you make improvements!