Coin-Grip Flooring , where to buy if I need a 6 'X 8' piece


I see rolls that are 4 foot in length, anyone know how I can buy a 6x8 ft pieces without having to buy a large roll and having so much excess?


Home Depot sells it off a 7.5' wide roll, up to 17' long for about $1.60/sq ft. The 48 sq ft piece you mention would be about $75.
linoleum city in los angeles on santa monica blvd has all the colors, and the different sized "coins" and will cut to length for whatever you need.

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The stuff the depot sells is not the greatest to lay, I'd call loncoin and ask who their dealer is in your area, call them and ask who the sell to on a regular basis. That should be your guy! The real loncoin flooring is far superior and better to work with.



This is just a semi-unrelated FYI if you've never used the stuff.

I used some leftover Coin-Grip on project. It was great in the commercial installation where it was cleaned every night with a commercial floor scrubber.

Tough to clean at home to my satisfaction. It builds up grime around the edges of the coins unless you get in there with a scrub brush.